A look back at last week's predictions

Gerald Anthony reflects back on last week's games and his predictions. A good review before a new set of predictions tomorrow.

Today we know a little bit more than we did Friday about a few of the teams, the season is very much like an education, the learning progresses over each week of games. No question about who #1 is though, Miami is simply a well oiled machine!

See what happens when you stick your neck out? I was in the uncertainty-upset mode last week and came up with a dud, save the Virginia thumping of South Carolina. Can't ever be wrong if you don't ever make a decision I always say, but in the third week of the season, what better opportunity to roll the dice?

The Ugly:

Straight up: 5-4 Season 19-7 ATS: 3-6 Season: 14-12

Yes, even Vegas has a tough week, but I did really reach with some of my picks. Still in all, some great exhibitions Saturday, let's quickly review a few of the more important results:

Miami @ Florida-What can you say? For a half, the Gators managed to keep things close, but you started getting the feeling in the second quarter that the Canes were taking over. Halftime adjustments were far better done by Miami as they all but took Florida out of their offense and then the individual talent of the Canes took over. Impressive performance.

South Carolina @ Virginia-The only upset I got right, and much of my thinking about both teams was confirmed. I said South Carolina was in a rebuilding mode this year and they sure looked it, while the young Cavs starting finding themselves. I was particularly impressed with the great tackling by UVA, unusual for inexperienced youngsters to show that they have the fundamentals down, a reflection of good Coaching. Some questionable officiating but it works both ways so I place little stock in citing what could've been as to what actually transpired.

Fresno State @ Oregon-The West Coast Dawgs gave the Ducks all they could handle in a tightly played slugfest. Both teams are good, but the Dawgs missed their best player again. Credit the Ducks for holding service, Fife isn't Harrington, but he has the threat of Ontarrio Smith. Oregon scored with barely a minute left to avoid the upset. The Pac10 lacks a dominant team at this early juncture.

Purdue @ Notre Dame-How does a team win 2 games WITHOUT an Offensive TD? By having their opponents provide them with numerous opportunities for Defensive scores! The opportunistic Irish showed brief glimpses of some Offensive ability, but gained the victory by taking every advantage of every mistake by Purdue. Coach Ty should be very worried as the Wolverines invade South Bend Saturday, and they have been tested already. The luck of the Irish will vaporize Saturday without Offensive output.

Stanford @ Boston College-A very entertaining game that went down to the wire as the Eagles avoided the upset minded Trees. Not looking like the team that whipped us last Winter, BC nonetheless used their running game to seal the deal as TB Derrick Knight scored with 36 seconds left. Stanford isn't a weak sister at all, but if the Eagles are serious about contending in the Big East, they have two weeks before judgement day in Miami.

Report Cards:

Kentucky hung 77 on UTEP, to do so at all is impressive, Tennessee didn't scare anyone with their win over MTSU, Vandy got a rare win, LSU rebounded as did Auburn, Arkansas showed some offense, Ole Miss did as well, and Bama very nearly shocked the Nation. Not a bad week three for the SEC.

ACC: only Dook failed to win as NC State murdered another foe, GT hardly broke a sweat, UNC rebounded on the road, and the Terps and Deacons got much needed wins.

Big East: Only Miami & BC held up for wins as the rest of the Conference fell, with Rutgers, Temple, and WVA losing in poor fashion. Pitt fought Texas A&M hard and Syracuse tried but are rebuilding vs. the Heels. More and more it looks like Miami and VT are the class of the conference.

Big 10/11: Wisconsin goes to 3-0, Ohio State & Michigan whip up on the weak, Michigan State endures the wishbone of Rice, and Iowa & Minnesota survive for wins. The Illini, Boilers, Hoosiers, and Wildcats lose. Big 10 shaping up as a 4 team race, the Spartans have the best schedule.

Big 12: Only Kansas failed to win as the rest of the conference got on the winning track. KSU, ISU, and Missouri all were impressive, the Sooners look vunerable, the Buffs got back on track, and BAYLOR won! What a shootout the conference is shaping up to be.

Pac10: Only Stanford failed to win as the Pac10 enjoyed a winning weekend, albeit against some weak sisters, but UCLA secured an impressive win over CSU. Time will tell, but it seems like things will be most competitive.

The Mid-Majors: BYU, Utah, Toledo, NTU, ASU notched wins, and the poor Sun Belt Conference gets shut out, oof.

We'll get fearless again come Friday!  

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