Cuff getting ready for Athens

Vance Cuff discusses his preparations before entering Georgia at the beginning of the summer.

Quenton Grant: What have you been doing this spring since football has been over?

Vance Cuff: I've mostly been running track.

QG: What events are you running?

VC: I am a sprinter and a jumper. I run the 100, I'm on the 4 x 400, the high jump, and the 4 x 100 team.

QG: Where are you at in your track season?

VC: Region is a week from Saturday, and that is what qualifies you for state.

QG: Have you been able to lift while you are running track?

VC: I've been working out with the high school football team. They do mat drills at 6:30 in the morning and I've been doing that with them but those are over now. I also have a weight lifting class so I get to work out for another 55 minutes doing the football workout, and then I go to track practice.

QG: Do you have any goals that you want to accomplish before your arrival at Georgia?

VC: I would like to put on some more weight but with track practice I just run it all off.

QG: If you are trying to put on weight what type of diet are you on?

VC: I drink a lot of water and milk, and I have tried to cut back on the sodas.

My mother has been a big help with my diet. My mother tries to feed me like an offensive lineman. She doesn't realize that they play offensive line and I play cornerback and she's been trying to feed me like those guys.

QG: When are you heading to Georgia?

VC: I have to be there June 1.

QG: Are you looking forward to going to Athens?

VC: Yes sir I am definitely looking forward to going.

QG: Do you have any goals that you want to accomplish during your first year there?

VC: I want to play and I'm going to go out and push the guy ahead of me. That's what my coach is driving into me. My coach played for Clemson so he's been there and done all of that and he is driving me. He tells me I have to go and push that guy ahead of me. I'm going with the attitude of getting playing time. I don't want to be redshirted but if it helps the team I'm willing to do it. That will have to be a coach's decision. I'm okay with it if they want me to do it but I really want to play.

QG: Have you heard much from the Georgia coaches lately?

VC: Coach Richt came and talked to the FCA in our area and I talked with him then. I talked with Coach Martinez a while back and he said that he wanted to give us a chance to relax a little since we just got through with the recruiting process. He said that I will be seeing plenty of him in the next couple of months.

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