Ray: Richt's visit made me feel good

Melvin Ray, a four-star wide receiver out of North Florida Christian, received a visit from Mark Richt and Mike Bobo on Wednesday.

Quentin Grant: How was your visit with Coach Richt yesterday?

Melvin Ray: It went really well. With Georgia being one of my top choices it made me feel real good. I expected it because I was told the day before that Coach Richt was going to be around, but even though I expected it it still felt good when I first met him because I have been a Georgia fan and with them being in my top it was a really big deal to me.

QG: What's it like for a big name coach like Coach Richt to make the effort to come to your school specifically to see you?

MR: It makes you feel really good especially when it's a big time school like Georgia and with that being one of my top choices. With it being this early in recruiting for them to make one of the first stops where you are at makes you feel like they are just as essential to you as you are to them. That's a great feeling to have because it makes you know they are concerned about trying to get you to play with them.

QG: Does it make you feel even more wanted when he comes to you as opposed to you visiting their campus?

MR: Actually it is. Visits are fun and you learn more about the place once you go there but it's very important that he came to me, and he took the time out of his busy schedule to come check me out. He wasn't even there that long but the fact that he came by to meet me is a real big deal especially when you are looking for where you want to be you are also looking for a coach you can build a relationship with. It seems that was definitely what he was trying to get to.

QG: What did you guys talk about?

MR: Well I mostly talked to Coach Bobo because when I met Coach Richt he asked a couple of questions but because of NCAA rules he couldn't talk to me as long as he wanted to so I talked to Coach Bobo the most.

QG: What was the conversation like with Coach Bobo?

MR: We talked about everything. We are both from places that are very close to one another. We also talked about family and things like that.

QG: You have a lot of offers from big time schools have you been able to narrow it down to a top five?

MR: Yes, I have a top five. They aren't in any particular order but it's definitely Florida, Florida St, LSU, Ole Miss, and definitely Georgia. Georgia would be in my top three of those five.

QG: Does the fact that Georgia would be out of state for hurt their chances at all?

MR: No, not at all. I've come from Georgia so that is not a big deal to me at all.

QG: Have you set plans for camps this summer?

MR: Probably Ole Miss, Florida, and maybe LSU.

QG: Do you plan on committing before the season is over?

MR: I'm not sure it just depends on how the process goes.

QG: So during your official visits if you went somewhere and it felt like the right place could you go ahead and commit on the spot?

MR: Yes definitely actually I've been to a few places but that could happen at any time. I haven't gone to all of my top choices yet. I've the Florida, FSU, and Ole Miss but I haven't gotten a chance to check out LSU or Georgia really.

QG: But you do plan to visit Georgia and LSU before making a commitment?

MR: Yes, definitely.

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