Harmon busy as ever

The spring has been a busy time for highly-rated A.J. Harmon.

Camps, visits and coaches coming to his high school have become the norm. Still, in the last few months, Harmon has focused on dropping a few pounds in order to get himself ready for the next level.

"I have been running miles to stay in shape. They told me today at my physical that I was 6-6 ½ and 315. I was surprised I grew, but I have been drinking milk you know," he said.

Harmon admitted that he was surprised that his worked has paid off already. Earlier this spring, at the Kennedy/CES combine in Atlanta, Harmon weighted in at 328. He was measured at 6-5 ½. He's growing one way, but shrinking another.

Still, his abrupt weight loss had his mother concerned – perhaps he was doing something he's not supposed to be doing.

"My mother thought I was using drugs – but I have been running track, two miles a day and eating right," he said. "Every time I eat I try to eat only one big meal a day. I used to eat until I got full – I don't do that anymore."

Harmon, who ran a 4.75 in the shuttle drill, says he is fighting to lower his weight more so that he can improve his speed.

"A lot of people say they want to see me at 290 to see my first step," he said. "I think everyone already thinks I have a fast first step now."

Losing weight or not, Harmon is getting a lot of traffic through his high school these days. Six schools are scheduled to drop by this week alone.

"Michigan is coming down Friday. Clemson is supposed to come on Friday as is Central Florida. Florida is coming, too. It's going to be a busy week. Florida State came today and Auburn came yesterday as did Georgia Southern," he said.

Harmon has taken his mother to see Georgia and Clemson, but he says he's still interested in getting his father to see both schools. That, however, has been easier said than done. He did say, on the other hand, that his family will be making those trips when they can.

"When my dad says ‘let's go' we are going to go visit them, but that's not happened yet," he said.

Harmon indicated that the Bulldogs will visit him later in the spring when he starts spring football.

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