Dawgs offer Daniels

Georgia didn't have all the film it needed earlier this year when they first heard about Matt Daniels.

They found enough film, however, in the last couple of weeks and as a result felt comfortable offering the Fayette County star Tuesday night after his practice.

"Coach Martinez talked with me after practice and that's when he offered me," Daniels said.

Less than a month ago Daniels committed to Duke, but with Georgia in the picture now, he admitted that he has thought about playing with high school teammates and close friend Brandon Boykin, who is committed to Georgia. Still, Duke is an ideal situation for the academic-oriented Daniels, who holds a near-flawless GPA.

"Last week I got a call from Martinez and he let me know that they were coming down and that I shouldn't be surprised if I get an offer. Today Coach Garner, Coach Martinez and Coach Richt showed up and told me how interested they are in me," Daniels said.

After schools Daniels, who is being recruiting as a safety, practiced while Martinez watched. Martinez told the rising senior to check his phone after practice. Soon thereafter Daniels called the secondary coach and Martinez offered him a scholarship.

"The entire thing was surprising to me," Daniels admitted. "I started thinking about playing with Brandon in college and what that would be like. We have been thinking about that for a long time – way before all of this recruiting started."

The offer puts Daniels in an enviable position – an in-state Georgia player with an offer from the Dawgs. Fayette County's Daniels and Boykin may be the only pair of players from the same high school in the state to have offers from Georgia besides Tucker's Jamoris Slaughter and Neiko Lipscomb.

"I am taking everything into consideration," said Daniel, who said he plans on visiting Duke for their camp in early June. "I am real laid back right now."

Still, Daniels confesses, his teammate is making the laid back lifestyle as it relates to college choices very difficult.

"Brandon has not been able to stop taking about it since Coach Martinez call me a few weeks ago. He told me: ‘Come to Georgia – don't be stupid'. It's like I have a recruiter next to me every day."

That recruiter could wind up with Daniels for the next four years, too.

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