Harmon welcoming college coaches

Schools continue to come by to take note of A.J. Harmon, who is one of the most sought-after players in the South.

Marshall was the latest to drop by, and while Harmon admits that most wouldn't think of him being interested in the Thundering Herd, he did say that their offer was intriguing to him.

"I know for a fact that people don't have me going to Marshall," he said. "But they came and said that, sure, everyone else wants me to play for them, but I would be walking in up there as a true freshman and I would start."

Playing early has always been the goal for this youngster with a plan. Harmon, however, said that he is still trying to decide between two specific teams – Georgia and Clemson.

"They are still the two teams to beat," he said.

Georgia seems to have the edge.

"I kind of want to go to Georgia," Harmon said. "Think about it – they have A.J. Green coming, and he is the top receiver in the country. They will still have Stafford up there that first year that I would be up there, too. There offensive line is young. Chris Little will probably play soon and Sturdivant starting as a freshman. They've got a lot of talent up there."

Harmon said that if he decided to go to Georgia that he would want to have the same sort of success as some of the younger players are having up there now.

"I would want my freshman year at Georgia would be on and poppin," he said with a laugh.

Harmon also pointed out that he was impressed that Clemson has DaQuan Bowers and he said he would be excited to line up with him, too. He said that he plans on attending Clemson's camp, Marshall's camp and Florida's camp, although those plans are tentative.

In the meantime, Harmon is still welcoming college coaches to Jefferson County.

"Clemson is going to come to one of our practices, but I am not sure which one," Harmon said. "Georgia is coming by here Monday night."

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