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Well here we are in week 4 of the season and Georgia is 2-0. By the sound of the message boards, one would think that Georgia is 0-2. There's room for improvement of course, and that's what the head man is saying as well. But here are some things for both the eternal optimist and the blind pessimist to keep in mind, as well as a quick look at last week's action.

A month ago there are several questions that needed to be answered that would predicate what kind of season Georgia would have. A month later, several of the questions have been answered, but a crop of new ones have popped up. 

First, Georgia had been 0-5 against John Lovett and Charlie Strong coached defenses the past 5 attempts. Now, Georgia stands 2-0 against perennial pain in the sides. Georgia hasn't looked so good in winning, but they won. That sure beats the alternative of looking bad and losing, which can be said for the past 2 games against South Carolina especially.

Second, if someone had asked the question: "What would Georgia's record be if Musa Smith had back to back 100 yard games to start the season?" The answer would be a unanimous 2-0. Guess what? Georgia stands 2-0 after Smith has gained 100 yards back to back. Some feel Musa should be doing better than he is, but my guess is that if the passing game had been up to par, Musa would be getting nothing but praise for his workman-like effort in Georgia's past 2 victories.

Speaking of the passing game, Georgia came out of the gates slinging it against South Carolina. Last week we said that Fred Gibson needed to get the ball more. Shoot, last week, Fred Gibson said he thought he should get the ball more. He was right. After the initial bomb to Gibson, Georgia went back to it's grind it out attack. Part of the offensive game plan may have been weather related, but the question still remains, why aren't Georgia's talented receivers getting more looks? Look for a couple of 300 yard passing games as Georgia finds its rhythm against 2 lesser opponents in the upcoming weeks.

One has to give credit to the players on the team who are supporting the coaching staff and their teammates. Few would argue that the 2 quarterback system has been a success thus far in the season, but to a man, the Georgia players back their teammates and their coaches publicly. That's the sign of a team with good chemistry. There is plenty of time to work out the kinks in the upcoming weeks, and that's a lot easier to do when everyone is on the same page.

Working out the kinks, that may be easier to do now that there is no pressure on the coaches to get both talented quarterbacks into the game. I'm of the opinion that either David Greene OR  D.J. Shockley would have more success than David Greene AND D.J. Shockley have been having to this point. While I'm quick to defer to the man with 2 Heisman trophy winners on his resume, it's obvious that neither QB has been able to find a comfort zone running the offense. That should change now that Shockley is out for the next 4 weeks. It will be interesting to see how the Georgia offense does against Alabama and Tennessee and what decision Coach Richt will make based on the performance in those 2 games.

To wrap up, yes there's room for improvement. There always is. But Georgia has won 2 games that a team of lesser character would have lost. That being said, if Georgia doesn't improve, they're going to have their hands full in Tuscaloosa and with the Big Orange in October.

One last thing on the Dawgs, if there's a better defensive player in the SEC East than David Pollack, I wouldn't want to have to face him. One of the best things about having football players on a team that are not top notch NFL prospects, is that they can be counted on for 4 years. David Pollack has nearly 3 seasons left in a Bulldog uniform, and that's a scary thought for offenses in the SEC.

Thoughts from around the league:

Is there any team in the SEC that wants to win on the road this year? Every year we talk about the depth of the SEC and how that makes it the strongest conference in the country. When teams like Ole Miss go on the road and get shellacked by a mediocre Texas Tech team, it makes it hard to make that argument. LSU ran into a buzz saw in Blacksburg, but that was the defending SEC Champion that got dismantled. Auburn looked bad against USC on the west coast. Mississippi State and Oregon? Forget it.  South Carolina and Virginia, another SEC road loss.

The good news is, the SEC will have ample time to turn it around next year when those teams return the favor in a home and home, but Georgia will need to hold its end of the conference up at Clemson, and Florida has to go back to Miami. That's a scary thought for Gator faithful. Tennessee has the chance to right a lot of wrongs in the conference when Miami comes calling to Knoxville, but I wouldn't bet on any top team knocking the Hurricanes off course. If Miami is going to lose, it's going to be because they overlook an opponent. Miami will not overlook Tennessee.

  • I wish I would have put a dollar on Kentucky being 3-0 after 3 games while I was in Vegas 2 weeks ago
  • Daniel Cobb looked sharp in an Auburn win over Vanderbilt on Saturday
  • Florida struggled with a hangover against an Ohio team that should have been blown out
  • Eli Manning looks like he needs to come in as a relief pitcher. If they get him to turn on the switch while the game is still close, look out. As it stands now, he's the best 3rd quarter QB in the country
  • Tony Hollings of Georgia Tech is still amazing, and Georgia's win over Clemson looks that much more impressive
  • California is 3-0 and has outscored opponents by an average of 50-17, yet they didn't receive a single vote in the Coaches Poll for the top 25? One would think that after they waltzed into East Lansing and waxed #15 Michigan State they would have at least gotten a vote from MSU Head Coach Bobby Williams
  • The 2 best teams in the country? Right now it looks like 3, Miami, Virginia Tech, and Florida State. Miami's games against those 2 teams will go a long way towards deciding who plays for all the marbles in January
  • Speaking of Florida State, the SEC isn't the only conference struggling. The ACC appears to have taken a giant step backwards after having several schools with good seasons last year
  • Has anyone fallen faster than Colorado? After winning the Big 12 Title game, the Buffs have gone 1-3 overall. Their worst loss coming this weekend to one of those Pac-10 teams that can't play any defense. All that Southern Cal did was go to Boulder and hold Colorado to a total of 29 yards of total offense. That's an impressive number to put up against anyone.

 Next Week:
Georgia hosts Northwestern State, 1:00 PM EST

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