Georgia, Auburn visit Harmon

It was another busy day at Jefferson County in east Georgia.

A.J. Harmon, perhaps the most intriguing prospect being recruiting in Georgia, had a busy day of practice with a few high-profile spectators.

"Coach Richt and Coach Fabris came from Georgia and Coach Nall was there, too, from Auburn," Harmon said. "It was kind of strange – you would have never thought about two different schools sitting right by each other during a practice and thinking and talking about the same guy.

But Harmon has been a real attention getter over the last six months in particular. Clemson and Georgia have been fighting each other at the top of his list, but the pair of rivals are trying to hold off others, too.

"They couldn't talk with me, you know, because of the rules and everything, so I called Coach Richt on the phone, and he was being real. He told me that he wants me to come to Georgia real bad," Harmon said.

Georgia's not the only one after Harmon hard. Nall's appearance confirms that the Tigers are fighting for Harmon, too.

"Auburn said they are my number one guy at offensive guard, and that I would play as a freshman. It's hard right now," Harmon admitted.

Playing early is something Harmon has not been shy talking about. He's made it clear that he wants to play early – if possible. While Georgia won't commit to telling Harmon that he will play as a freshman the program's leader is inching closer to that position.

"Coach Richt said if I work hard that he would see to it that I would get onto the field that first year," Harmon said.

If that will be as an offensive lineman or on the defensive side of the ball still seems to be in question. Some, however, are starting to question when Harmon will commit, and why that's not already happened," the 300-pounder said.

"Coach Garner told Fernando that he's wondering why I haven't committed already," Harmon said.

A lot of people are wondering the same thing, but Harmon is still figuring out what his next step is.

"All of the coaches that I talk with tell me that I have a lot of great options and that I can't go wrong, but settling on one is hard," he said.

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