IN FOCUS VIDEO: Jackson updates recruiting

FRANKLIN - Dean Legge sat down with Heard County running back Dontavious Jackson, who updated his recruiting in this In Focus Video.

One of the most dynamic running backs in the state is Dontavious Jackson. Dean Legge sat down with Jackson and talked about recruiting and where he is in that process.

Watch the interview below.

Dean Legge: Tell me a little bit about what it's been like for you to go through recruiting so far?

Dontavious Jackson: Recruiting – its going real good. I am just trying to take it all it. Sometimes it can get real stressful. It's alright sometimes.

Legge: Tell me what your mother was telling you about recruiting…

Jackson: She told me that she does not care where I go to school as long as it has good academics and it's somewhere where I can play.

Legge: Has all of this been eye opening to you?

Jackson: Yes Sir. I would say that I am wide open. There are a lot of teams that are on me pretty hard. I am trying to do my research.

Legge: Who has been by recently.

Jackson: Coach Gailey (Georgia Tech) has been by; Coach Bowden (Clemson) has been by; Coach Richt has been by; Coach Smart (Alabama) has been by…

Legge: And Alabama is extremely interested in you – right?

Jackson: Yes Sir.

Legge: What have they said to you in their mailings and in what they have talked with you about in the past?

Jackson: They basically talk about how they need me. They have told me about their running back situation and about academics. They tell me about the champinosships they have got…

Legge: What has Clemson said?

Jackson: They broke it down – telling me how I can be real effective in their offense. They told me about their academics and what type of team they have and how they put people in the NFL. Basically how they really need me to come in their year.

Legge: I know that you live in Georgia and perhaps you get pressure sometimes to think about Georgia. What is appealing about Georgia – what would you like to know more about them?

Jackson: Living in Georgia, pretty much, you know everything about them. Just… the running back situation…

Legge: You are concerned about it a little bit? They have some guys committed to them and they have some guys up there right now. Is that something you think about?

Jackson: Yeah. You look (at the depth chart), and you don't want to go to a college with a full load of running backs. You want to play.

Legge: It's kind of a silly question, but why do you want to go somewhere and play quickly?

Jackson: You emerge quickly. I have never sat on the bench my entire life – I want to go somewhere that I am going to play. I don't have a concern with sitting on the bench, but I just want to play.

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