IN FOCUS VIDEO: Samuel talks Georgia

CARTERSVILLE - Richard Samuel, now Georgia's only committed running back, talked with Dean Legge about himself and recruiting.

Dean Legge: At this second you are the only running back committed to Georgia. How do you fell about that?

Richard Samuel: To be honest with you, it really doesn't effect me because knowing that other guys were going there was doing nothing more than pushing me to become a better athlete in order to get the starting position. Now I am the only running back – it does not effect me at all.

Legge: Tell me about what you are expecting this fall – Cass has developed into a pretty good program…

Samuel: We are expecting to go all the way this fall. We have a young team, but we have something good coming.

Legge: I just said you were the only running back Georgia has right now. Some people say: hey, he could be a linebacker up there. Probably, you said, you are a running back at Georgia…

Samuel: Yes sir.

Legge: Would it bother you to play linebacker up there?

Samuel: Not at all.

Legge: You have been in Atlanta for seven years, but I guess it was a culture shock at first (Samuel lived in the Caribbean until he moved to Atlanta with his mother when he was nine).

Samuel: Coming up here – it was a lot of new things. New temperature, new people – a whole new environment. I had to re-learn how to get used to everything around me.

Legge: Why did you decide to go to Georgia? When you think about it now, is it something that's locked in stone?

Samuel: Yes, it's locked in stone because of getting to know the coaches a lot more. I know they are good people. They get along with my parents and family. Knowing that it's a good place – it feels good. It's a good choice.

Legge: How important is it with them and your family? Do they have good chemistry with them?

Samuel: It's very important.

Legge: How would you describe your running style?

Samuel: Power – less footwork.

Legge: What do you think Georgia is getting out of you?

Samuel: A dedicated athlete that will do whatever it takes to move the team forward.

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