Hype all new for Rambo

DONALDSONVILLE – Bacarri Rambo is shy in front of cameras. In fact, he's not been around too much fanfare in his young life.

That's why Rambo, who lives in a town of 2,796 and in a county that is situated about as far from Georgia's campus in Athens, was in awe when he visited the Bulldogs early this spring. When Mike Bobo and company made clear that they wanted him in Athens and offered him, Rambo said he wanted to be in Athens, too.

But there was a little bit lost in translation. Rambo was overwhelmed with what he saw at Georgia, but never fully committed to Georgia.

"That was my first time to any school, and I really didn't know a lot about recruiting," Rambo admitted.

Rambo who admits the entire ordeal was very confusing, has been slow to pick up the phone because of the event. The fanfare has been overwhelming.

"I get a ton of calls every day. I get texted a ton, too," Rambo said.

The rising senior, who still favors Georgia over all other schools, doesn't like the limelight at all. He's very rarely left his hometown, and still helps his father bail hay and build fences – if he has to – in the summer.

Rambo's highlight tape has some schools convinced he could be their option quarterback. But he's got no intention of doing so – saying that he's going to play safety in college. Flying around the ball at all times, it's not abnormal to see Rambo make a play early and often during his lengthy highlight tape.

As for recruiting, Rambo says he's trying to take it easy on that front – focusing on Seminole County's team instead. After all, this small town guy has other things to focus on, and there's plenty of hay in Donaldsonville to keep in busy all summer long when he's not practicing football.

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