Camp: Opinions and Observations

ATLANTA –'s Atlanta Elite Camp had plenty of targets Georgia is interested in. Dean Legge and Quentin Grant give their opinions and observations from the afternoon.


While there was a slew of talent in Atlanta for the camp, Georgia is seriously pursuing only so many of the players who were at the camp. The Dawgs' top target at the camp, A.J. Harmon, did not have as easy a time as we expected. Still, there is little doubt why he is considered one of the top players in the South. By in large, the majority of the players Georgia has pinned as guys they are after were of the bigger sort. That's not to say the skill positions didn't have guys Georgia is interested in who attended – just that Georgia's two committed wide receivers, A.J. Green and Tavarres King, did not attend. Formerly-committed Martin Ward and Richard Samuel, both running backs, were not there. It does not appear that Georgia is going to sign a quarterback this year, but some of the Dawgs' tentative 2008 targets were throwing in Atlanta.

LINEBACKERS (by Dean Legge)

2009's Kevin Minter was the best linebacker in Atlanta in my opinion. Here is a guy that's young, but learns quick. I had a lot of questions about Minter before the camp – sure, he's got the numbers, but can he make plays? Can he run? The answer to both is yes. Minter was one of the few linebackers (and players in general) to actually perform the footwork drills properly at that station of the camp. He followed directions – putting the back foot where it needed to be while moving in the correct direction on both of his rotations.

Then Minter did well when challenged in the seven-on-seven drills. He dropped back in coverage and picked off a pass – making an impressive play from my vantage point. Minter looked outstanding in the Kennedy/CES combine earlier this year in Suwanee, but if football was about running in straight lines the field would be full of track stars. While Minter tested well earlier in the year, he showed me that he's got the playmaking ability to be a big name next on next year's recruiting circuit. Minter said he will visit Auburn, Georgia and others for camps this summer.

QUARTERBACKS (by Quentin Grant)

When you took a look around at the quarterbacks slinging the ball on Saturday you understood why Georgia has not yet been willing to extend an offer to a signal caller this season. While young Clayton Moore may throw the prettiest ball he's got another year before his senior season. He's not a huge guy, either. Tyler Bass looks the part, while we've heard more about Marquis Ivory's playmaking ability than anything else. Deron Furr, another guy who looks like a monster, probably won't play quarterback in college – at least I don't think he will. Asher Clark was stunningly small.

Clemson commit Jon Richt, who many have wondered if he got a scholarship offer from Clemson because of the close ties between his father and the Bowden family, looked better than I thought he would. He's not a huge guy, but he's about as polished as to be expected for a high school junior. His arm is not flimsy, either. Clemson fans can think what they want about him getting an offer and committing to them, but he looked as good as anyone else did on Saturday.

LINEMEN (by Dean Legge)

There is little question now that a new name has emerged on the offensive and defensive line – Ben Jones (not the one who played on Dukes of Hazzard). Jones was killing everyone in his way – including highly-touted A.J. Harmon. Harmon had to take a step back and think about what just happened to him after Jones not only held his own but beat Harmon head-to-head. Jones was the most intense competitor in Atlanta. He's got the size to play guard to nose tackle, and right now he's only got an offer from Troy, which dumbfounded some of the Georgia Tech players on hand to watch as well as many of the competitors.

As for Harmon, it was not a stunning day. The head-to-head loss to Jones took away a little bit of the luster that surrounds his name. With that said, it's hard to watch someone as big as Harmon run and not think about just how much damage he could inflict on the college level. There was simply no other lineman that could/can run the way Harmon can – none. That's what's so appealing about him. Yes, Harmon has the size (he would tell you that he's got too much size), and he's got the wiggle to cause trouble. I wonder where he will end up – defense or offense. His size will likely determine where he will end up.

Toby Jackson, in my view, did not have a banner day. In the one-on-one drills with the linemen Jackson never could get going. Physically, Jackson has got everything you need, but he didn't win as much as I thought he would.

Corey Liuget was the best pass rusher of the day. He could not be stopped. I don't have anything further to add to it – he was impressive.

Greg Shaw, an offensive lineman, looked about as good as that group had to offer. I don't recall him lining up on the defensive side of the ball. He was likely the top "only" offensive lineman in Atlanta.


A.J. Green and Tavarres King, Brice Butler and Joshua Jarboe didn't make it to the Atlanta camp, which was no surprise, and that left several players the ability to make their mark – I didn't think they did.

The best looking receiver in Atlanta Saturday was Georgia Tech commit Chris Jackson; he looked good. Carver's Jarmon Fortson looked good, too, but the entire receiving corp was uninspiring to me. That can happen in camps where quarterbacks are not used to the receivers they are throwing to, and vice versa. That, however, didn't seem to bother King at Georgia's camp last summer.

EVERYONE ELSE (by Dean Legge)

Bryce Ros, one of Georgia's top target in 2008, was one of a group players in Atlanta who did not seem overwhelmed by the entire day. Ros is a relatively big kid who can run. While he didn't extend on one pass catching attempt like you may have wanted him to, he looked like one of the best athletes in Atlanta on Saturday. Ros has no problem running routes or running with the ball in his hands. I didn't get a good chance to see him blocking – I am not sure if his group did – but Ros looked good Saturday.

Brandon Boykin didn't eat on Saturday, and that started catching up with him by the time the end of the camp came around. Boykin can run – man can he run. But he should be able to – he's a typical cornerback. It's obvious, however, why his team has used him as a signal caller in the last few seasons. He's got all the athleticism you need to get the job done. Boykin had difficulty getting up after breaking up a pass in seven-on-seven drills, and that's when his lack of eating caught up with him for good in my opinion. Boykin is a guy that has the speed needed to make plays on the corner in college.

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