Conference talks about SEC television network

DESTIN, FL - The SEC took up other business beside the playoff here this week, most notably the potential of forming an SEC television network.

"It was a very general discussion," Slive said. "The presidents reinforced their interest in continuing to pursue the possibility of an SEC network."

The discussions will get more in-depth this summer. The Big Ten already is starting a network.

"We will be devoting a lot of our time and energy to exploring the possibility of doing it," Slive said. "If anything there was even more interest in it today than there was in March." The preliminary plan will be for an SEC channel to co-exist with the league's current TV deals with CBS, ESPN and Lincoln Financial, Slive said.

The SEC also:

-- will propose that head coaches not be allowed on the road recruiting during the spring evaluation period.

-- proposed legislation to the NCAA that football not be allowed to attend camps, clinics or combines for recruits not affiliated with a high school.

-- will consider seeding the men's basketball tournament 1-12 rather than seeding eachdivision 1-6. -- added a by-law requiring every school to have an attendance policy regarding athletes. It does not specify the policy but requires schools to punish offenders by holding them out of competition.

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