Chat Transcript: Toby Jackson

Toby Jackson, defensive end from Griffin, committed to the University of Georgia over the weekend coming as a surprise to those who have followed his recruitment. The four-star prospect joined in a moderated chat session with Dawg Post subscribers talking about his commitment and at least one other school still in the mix.

How committed is he to the dawgs?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "I am fully committed to University of Georgia. Like I said, if I had to sign tomorrow it would be to the University of Georgia. I am not going to close the doors on all the other schools recruiting me."

Did the fact that Coach Fabris seems to get the best out of his DEs impact his choice?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "It did a little bit. I thought about that a lot. I like the University of Georgia a lot. Coach Richt brings a lot to the table academic wise and athletic wise."

He looks lean at 245-250. What does he hope to weigh when he reports to uga next summer?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "Hopefully, I will be around 250-pounds, maybe 255-260-pounds. Hopefully, I will grow another inch taller. I weighed in at Georgia. I was 6-4.5, 246-pounds."

What position is UGA recruiting Toby to play, and what position does Toby wish to play in college?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "They are recruiting me as a defensive end, and that's the same position I would like to play in college. I am training a lot on my speed and techniques. I want to be a top D-I defensive end."

Ask why he chose Georgia.

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "One reason I fell in love with Georgia so much was when I was talking to the coaches they are different from other schools because they talked to me as friend. Other schools talked about their reasons for coming there. They didn't stress coming to Georgia. They talked to me like we were friends. Academics is very important to them. Coach Richt cares more about academics than football. He cares about you more as a person than an athlete. Those are just a few reasons why I chose Georgia."

Toby how would you describe coach Garner?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "I would describe coach Garner as very cool and laid back when not talking about football. He is a family guy. I like him a lot. He knows his stuff. When we talk about football he is very serious."

What are his weight room numbers?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "Bench-325, Squat-485, Power Clean-320."

What does he feel is the best part of his game, and what does he need to work on?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "I would say the best part of my game is my pass rushing technique. I am very fast off the ball. I am very versatile. I can go through you or around you. A few things I need to work on is my hand placement. I need to use my hands better. I think I use them pretty good, but I can always get them better."

What does Griffin look like for this season? Hope they have a great season. Will he play any offense?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "We look pretty good. We should be a good team. We had a good senior class last year. I think we are still going to be able to compete as one of the top teams in Georgia. I will be playing a little tight end this year."

What other schools was Toby considering, who was recruiting him for those schools, and what coaches does he have the best relationships with?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "If I were to commit to another school it would be Alabama. The best relationship I have is with Coach Smart. Coach Smart is a very friendly guy. He is fun to be around, very energetic. He is a very cool guy to be around. He loves to get after it on the field."

What does he have to bring to Georgia?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "I expect to go in and get a good start academic wise. I want to play early. I don't want to redshirt. I think I have the ability and skills to play as a true freshman."

Was closeness a factor for his family?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "It was, then again it wasn't. My parents wanted me to go somewhere I was happy. I want to go to a school I can call my second home. My parents and I talked about all the schools. The school we felt most comfortable with was Georgia, but like I said I am not closing the doors on any other schools."

What games does he plan to attend in the fall?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "Hopefully, I will attend the Georgia-Alabama game and the Georgia-Tennessee game."

Who was the best guy he went against at Scott's [Scout's] combine?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "I would say the best guy I went up against was the guard [Ben Jones] from Alabama."

Who is the best player he has played against?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "The best player I have played against in high school overall is Eric Berry."

What would it take for him to back out of his commitment?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "For another school to come in and show me why they are better than Georgia."

Did coach Richt tell him he could play his freshman year?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "Coach Richt said I have the potential to come in and play early. He said if I could stay focused and play hard I will be able to do what I want to do."

In one word describe University of Georgia Bulldawg Football.

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "I would say the University of Georgia is Competitive."

Does he see the Dawgs competing for a NC in the near future?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "Yes, I do see them competing with the recruiting class they are bringing in. I think no doubt they will be competing for a national championship."

Why commit so soon if he still wants to look around?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "I would say the reason is because I want to see how much the other schools who were recruiting me want me. If I commit early and leave the door open I'll be able to see which other schools would still want me. I have visited a lot of schools, and Georgia was the best place I have been. I want to see if another school has something more than they showed me on my trip."

Toby have you thought about what you want to major in yet?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "I was thinking about physical education, sports medicine or business management."

What do think this class has to offer?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "I think if everyone who has committed sticks with their commitment I think it will bring a lot of good things to Georgia. It's one of the best classes in a long time they have recruited. I think Georgia will be unstoppable."

What is the best way to describe coach Richt?

AndrewBone: (Toby Jackson): "Coach Richt is trustworthy."

AndrewBone: Thanks to Toby Jackson and all Dawgpost subscribers who joined chat.

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