Boling settles in at Georgia

ATHENS - Like any other freshman, Clint Boling is getting used to what college football is like.

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"It's been real good so far," Boling said. "I've had fun. Everyone, the linemen, have been showing me the drills and stuff like that. Fernando was showing us what the drills will be like when we start practicing and that's what I have been trying to get down."

Boling could have enrolled early like most of the rest of the offensive linemen who are at Georgia, but he had basketball obligations which prevented him from leaving high school early. Trinton Sturdivant and Tanner Strickland, freshman who enrolled, got tons of experience this spring - Sturdivant eventually ended up as the number one left tackle by the end of the spring.

Boling could have used that time to get used to other parts of college life, too.

"It's a real big change from high school," Boling said. "You take on a lot more day-to-day responsibilities. I still have not learned out to do laundry yet, but that's something I sort of expected."

With his laundry dirty and to do list growing, Boling said he's just trying to get used to everything that goes along with playing in college.

"Things happen quicker over here - that's for sure. I just try to watch and do the drills right" he said. "When we lift we go from one station to the next very fast and that's new to me."

There has been some speculation as to where on the offensive line Boling will play. The former tight end, who said yesterday that he weighed 280 pounds, will line up at right tackle - at least for now.

"I have been playing right tackle for the time being. It could change, but that's where I am right now," he said.

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