White: "I'm being welcomed with open arms"

ATHENS – Laundry is becoming a real issue in Athens these days.

Just ask Charles White, who, like fellow freshman Clint Boling has been getting used to college one day at a time. But, White admits the same way Boling did, that getting used to doing your own laundry is difficult and new.

"That's something Clint and I have in common," White said with a laugh Tuesday admitting his clothes-washing ignorance.

Laundry, it seems, is the only thing getting in the young linebacker's way. He said he's making good progress in the classroom (no surprise considering his high school academic credentials), and that he's doing just fine in conditioning drills.

"I think I am doing well," he said. "From a conditioning standpoint I make every time I am supposed to make. Not only am I always making it, but I am always coming along at the same time as the guys who have been playing for a while and some who are starting."

White had been focused, specifically, on getting his body ready to play college ball the weeks and months before heading to Athens. It should be noted, however, that White is a smaller and faster linebacker than those who have been at Georgia over the last few seasons. Still, it appears, so far, that his off-season high school work has paid off even though White admits the college workouts are "certainly harder than anything (he's) dealt with before."

The South Carolina native said it is stunning just how accepting people on campus have been to him. That has reinforced his thought that his college choice was the right one for him.

"I really feel like I made a really good decision," White said when asked about the one thing he thought about after spending a week on campus. White quickly added that he already missed his parents, too. "Every single person has welcomed me with open arms. All of my professors are cool – I really like the classes. I really have had a good time."

White said he finally got to experience something he'd been waiting a long time to do when he was given official team gear shortly after he arrived.

"It was a powerful moment because first you are offered, then you commit, then you sign and then I get issued all of these clothes with ‘Georgia' on it," he said. "It felt like a huge honor. I was like ‘wow.'"

The "wow" factor hasn't worn off yet for White – and that's good. In his world, if you have to have dirty laundry that you don't know what to do with, at least it is Georgia-issued dirty laundry – that's not all bad.

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