Ros talks about trip to Athens

Bryce Ros hasn't officially named a top five but you just get the feeling that Georgia is near the top of his list.

Quentin Grant: You haven't named a top five yet, did you want to commit before the end of the summer or wait until the season?

Bryce Ros: I'm going to try and commit before the end of the summer. That is my plan right now.

QG: You had said previously that you wanted to take all of your visits before naming your favorites. Where have you visited so far?

BR: I've taken visits to Clemson, South Carolina, and Georgia so far. I just got back from Georgia yesterday. I went up there and talked to some of the coaches and hung out with some of the players, and I had a really good time when I was there. At South Carolina it was kind of the same deal. I got to meet all of the coaches and I got the grand tour there.

QG: What all did you do when you were at Georgia earlier in the week?

BR: It was an official visit, and I went up there on Monday. I got the grand tour of campus with Coach Searles and my parents. I got to sit down and talk with Coach Richt for about an hour and a half with my parents and we really had a good time while we were there.

QG: With all of your Georgia ties I know you have been there and know the campus and program really well. So what are you really looking at when you visit there?

BR: The main thing for me is being able to go and talk to the players and meet with those guys. I like getting to know them because those are the guys you will be playing with if you go there. They are a good group of guys who seem really close. I got to go see them work out. I love the camaraderie, and how everybody is so close. I also got to tour the academic facilities which I had never done before.

QG: I know you have been hearing a lot from Georgia, South Carolina, and Clemson at this point. Have you been hearing from North Carolina lately?

BR: Yes sir, I got an offer from UNC a couple of weeks ago.

QG: What about Georgia Tech? Have you been hearing from them or is that a forbidden place considering your dad played at Georgia?

BR: Tech has shown some interest, but I haven't gotten an offer from them. They've showed some interest, but Tech is technical school and I'm not that good at math.

QG: What are the plans for your summer? Are you camping anywhere?

BR: I am not camping anywhere this summer. I'm going to try and visit Wake Forest, Auburn, and Alabama before the summer is over. I want to check those places out and go ahead and narrow things down. It's really hard at this point because all of these universities are so great and you can't say anything bad about any of them. It is a really great honor to get offered by any one of them so it's really hard to start narrowing them down in my opinion.

QG: At the combine I saw you working at the slot receiver in the seven on seven competition. Do you feel comfortable at that slot and is that something you could see yourself doing in combination with the Tight end position?

BR: I don't think I could play wide receiver in college because I don't think I'm fast enough. I run a decent forty but I probably couldn't keep up with those cornerbacks at that level.

QG: Don't you think you have the hands to play there if needed?

BR: I've got pretty decent hands and I can catch the ball. My high school doesn't throw the ball that much. We are predominantly run which is ok by me. I love blocking as much as I like catching the ball. A pancake to me is just as good as catching a touchdown pass. I do feel that if I go to a college and get to play tight end I feel like I could take care of business there.

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