Georgia 7-on-7 Camp: O & O

ATHENS – Dean Legge's opinions and observations from Georga's seven-on-seven camp.

Westlake completed an impressive run through the field of 31 teams when they ended the day undefeated capped with a last-second win over Hanahan (SC). If you started the day taking bets as to which team would go undefeated through the day it wouldn't have been Westlake – a Gwinnett County team would likely have been the favorite to win.

What the Lions brought to the table was energy which did not wane. They didn't slow down after being nearly beaten by Hanahan's impressive wide receivers. The South Carolina squad did not have numbers on their jerseys so it was very difficult to make out who was who, but Hananah's most impressive player was a wide receiver who simply could not be beaten.

Speaking of wide receivers, Norcross seems to have the most talent at that spot I have seen in some time in high school football. Brice Butler is smooth and can move. His teammate, Devonta Bolton is much bigger and pounds (if that's possible for a wide receiver). Butler is prototypical. He's a guy who moves well and can go up to get it. But when the Devils needed the points near the end zone Bolton was their guy. He's not gotten a lot of publicity because Butler has gotten more of the press, but it's easy to see why Bolton is a target. I wonder if Georgia will ever get into the running with Butler. Do they want to? Is Butler even interested?

When you watch Peachtree Ridge you can see that the Lions are still a team to be reckoned with in AAAAA, but do they have a quarterback? Not yet. Kevin Minter, who moved from Berkmar over to Peachtree Ridge, still looks good, but is getting used to being the signal caller of the Ridge's defense – that takes a little time.

Write this name down: Deondrick Pina. I went to go visit him earlier this spring, but he was sick the lone day I could make it to Schley County. Pina plays quarterback now, but is more of a secondary prospect in college. Still, his film is impressive, and he held his own for being the go-to guy for his team. He will be a junior in 2007.

Hanahan beat Buford in one semifinal, and Westlake beat Norcross in the other before playing one another. Below is a list of some of the teams who played at the event:

Hart County
Douglass County
Lincoln (FL)
Mill Creek
Glenn Hills
Hanahan (SC)
Anderson (FL)
Chattahoochee County
Schley County
Peachtree Ridge
Turner County
Haralson County
Oconee County
Monroe Area

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