Chevalier happy with trip to Athens

Leroy Chevalier is an offensive lineman who has slowly crept onto Georgia's radar, and his top five is interesting to say the least.

Quentin Grant: Did you enjoy your experience at Georgia's camp this weekend?

Leroy Chevalier: Yes, I had a lot of fun. Athens is a really nice place.

QG: Have you ever been to Athens before?

LC: No, that was my first trip.

QG: What were a couple of things you liked about your trip there?

LC: I really like the atmosphere of the town. I also like the players, the coaches, and the program in general.

QG: Did you feel that there was some good competition there as far as offensive and defensive lineman go?

LC: There were some good defensive lineman out there.

QG: How do you think you stacked up against the other lineman there?

LC: I think I did pretty good. Everyone there told me I did real well. I did really well in the one on one drills.

QG: Who do you have offers from at this point?

LC: I have offers from a lot of schools. My profile on scout only has me being offered by two schools but I have a lot more. I have offers from Georgia, Arizona, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Houston, Baylor, and Kansas.

QG: Do you have a top five at this point?

LC: Yes sir, I have Georgia, Oklahoma, University of Houston, Arizona, and Texas A&M.

QG: Of all the schools you are hearing from who is recruiting you the hardest?

LC: I would say Georgia and Arizona.

QG: What's your timeline on making a commitment?

LC: I don't know just yet but I would like to have a decision before my senior season starts. But if I don't feel comfortable I may wait.

QG: Do you have any more camps or visits planned this summer?

LC: Yes sir, I'm going to LSU and Alabama camps this summer.

QG: Are you hoping to decide after those camps or could you possibly wait a little longer?

LC: I may wait a little longer. I'm not really sure yet. I have to talk it over with my parents to see what is best for me.

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