UGA Commitment Ben Jones: Chat Transcript

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Chat Transcript: Moderator's Andrew Bone

bhdawg: Ben when did you first start liking the dawgs?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I have been liking them most of my life. I have been pulling for Georgia the last 5-6 years."

lakelanddawg: Ben, Where do the coaches want you, center or OG?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "They want me to play center."

bhdawg: have you talked with Love about uga lately?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "Anything to help out the school. I am going to work on him and McClain. I know McClain would help the program out a lot."

lakelanddawg: Ben, any more summer camp plans?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "No, I am not going to any other camps."

Berlusconi: Ben, how did you like playing next to Johnathon Owens at the camp?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "It was nice. Jonathan Owens is a nice fellow. He gets after it and is very intense."

critdog: Ben what do you think of coach Searles?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I really like him. I like the game plan. I like how I fit in their program and on the offensive line."

lowiq: ben what are your weight room numbers?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "Bench-380, Squat-520"

HunkerDownDawgs: Of all the DL he has gone up against in camps, who is the best he has faced?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "The best I have faced is probably Toby Jackson, A.J. Harmon or Corey Liuget at the camp."

lakelanddawg: Ben, what did you learn at the UGA camp that you can carry into your fall season?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I learned a lot about how to move my feet and put them in the right position. I learned to keep my elbows in."

Aldog: ben saw you live at the scout combine and the uga summer camp. your coach told me you are a very good first baseman on the baseball team. is that true?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I am pretty good."

wayx1: camp did you get to see the dorms and the academic center or just the weight room and dressing rooms?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I saw the dorms. They are very nice. I like the academic center. They have study hall in the mornings, and I like that."

Berlusconi: Ben, who do you hate more, Florida or Tennessee?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "Probably Tennessee."

HunkerDownDawgs: The word from the Scout and UGA camps are that you DOMINATED the opposition. Since you were flying a bit under the recruiting radar before the camp circuit began, do you deel that you are just coming into your own as an OL, or have you always played this well?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I usually have pretty good camps. I practice it a lot. I knew I was going to do pretty good, but I didn't realize I was going to do as good."

lakelanddawg: Ben, do you plan to enroll early?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I do not plan to enroll early."

lowiq: ben what style offense does your hs run, and do you do much pass protection in it?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "We are mainly a running team. We ran 60, passed 40. We have a good offensive line and a big running back. We hand the ball off to him a lot."

Aldog: ben do you play any sports other than baseball and football?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "No, those are the only sports I play."

lowiq: have you got a target weight to be at when you get to athens or is that to far off still?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "They want me to weigh around 295-300. They want me to lose about 10 pounds."

pater15: you looked great in pass-pro, ben, are you just as good at run blocking?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I thought I did better at run blocking because that is what we do. I am very aggressive. All my highlights are run blocking."

dixidawg: What really convinced you on GA?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "The coaching staff. I really liked coach Richt, and the offensive line coach. I really like the program. I fit in better. I like the location, and I have family close by."

lakelanddawg: Do you plan an official visit to UGA, and when?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I have not planned my official visit to Georgia. I don't plan to visit any other schools."

bhdawg: what is you opinion of coach saban?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I really like coach Saban. He is very hard working. Georgia has just been my dream school, and that's the main reason I chose Georgia. Alabama actually offered me today."

lakelanddawg: What did coach Richt have to say to you at camp?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I really didn't talk to him much during camp. I was having a good day during the drills. He got all the best lineman and said I was going to go until I got beat. He talked to me after the camp, and that's when he offered me."

lowiq: ben what did you think when cmr offered you?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I had to hold myself back from committing. I promised coach Pendry I would come to Alabama before I committed. I knew Georgia would be hard to beat."

lakelanddawg: I bet that made you feel good to get an offer from bama, too.

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "It was all right to get the offer from Alabama. It didn't matter because I had made up my mind I was going to Georgia."

Aldog: ben who was the happiest when you got your offer, you or your uncle?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "Probably me. He was very happy. He likes a lot of things about coach Richt. He has always cheered for Georgia."

HunkerDownDawgs: What does it mean to you to go to your dad's alma mater, and did that factor into your decision?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I think I would have made him proud. I knew it wouldn't matter to him if I chose Georgia or Alabama. It played a little part, but not much. He would have been happy either way."

Berlusconi: Ben, did you get a look at any of those college girls in Athens this past weekend?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "I didn't see any girls."

HunkerDownDawgs: Do you have any desire to play on the DL at all? It has been suggested that you might make a good DT given your tenacious attitude on every play.

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "If they want me to play there I will. Whatever is best for the team."

lakelanddawg: Do you play any DL now?

AndrewBone (Ben Jones): "Yes, I start both ways."

Thanks to Ben Jones and all the subscribers for joining chat. Ben had to go, but he wanted to say one thing....GO DAWGS!!!

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