Pure Camp: Mark Richt

MACON - In what will be a regular Dawg Post feature during Georgia's fall camp, Mark Richt talked about the subtleties of being a Bulldog during the heat of August practices, and why David Pollack was crying ins his office during fall camp in 2002.

As fall camp nears, Georgia coach Mark Richt was asked Wednesday about his most memorable preseason as the Bulldogs coach. The answer came quickly: 2002, his second year in Athens.

At the end of that season, Georgia was the SEC champion and everybody was happy, but it wasn't that way in August, Richt said.

"I can't remember how many guys wanted to quit during camp," Richt said. "We had a lot of guys say, ‘You know what, this isn't worth it, I don't want to be here anymore.'"

Most of them were defensive linemen, including David Pollack, who would go on to be a three-time All-American.

"Pollack was in my office crying, saying, ‘I'm not good enough to play at Georgia,'" Richt said. "He's like, ‘I just don't think I'm good enough coach, I've got to go play somewhere else.' I was like, ‘No I think you can make it.'"

Ken Veal walked off the field during one practice and was suspended for the first game of that season due to that protest. Darrell Holmes "must have quit six times," Richt said.

"Finally the last time he quit, I gave him the last rites, I just knew he was leaving," Richt said. "I gave him the life lesson talk, and then I showed up to the team meeting that night, and I'm getting ready to tell the team that he quit. I start talking about him and everybody is looking at me funny, and I look up there and he's sitting in his spot in the team meeting room."

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