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Xavier Avery has spent much of his summer concentrating on baseball.

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That will change, however, after this month concludes. Avery said he plans on making a few more football visits in order to decide where he will go to college by the end of August.

"I want to decide by then," he said.

The rising senior has been to several campuses lately including Clemson, South Carolina and Georgia. He said he's playing baseball on those visits, but that he's taking a look around at football, too.

"It's really nothing I haven't already seen before," he said. "But it's been going good. We got to play on the actual baseball field at Georgia and that was neat."

Avery is considered one of the top baseball players in Georgia, and will likely be drafted next year. He indicated that he would like to play both football and baseball in college, but that if he goes high enough in the baseball draft next summer that he may consider that option.

"If I got drafted in the first round I couldn't say no," he said with a laugh. "But I can see myself playing college football and baseball."

Avery said he's been traveling so much lately that he's not had a chance to talk with teammate Josh Jarboe about what's been going on with him. The two form one of the most explosive offensive combinations in metro Atlanta.

Still, Avery may play defense in college. But coaches who have met with him say they don't yet know where they would play him because he plays offense and defense so well.

"When they talk with me they tell me they are not sure where they will put me," Avery said. "They really can't say."

As far as favorites and where he will go to school, Avery said he will decide where he wants to go, and pick up the phone to let those coaches know when he decides. Right now he says that he's "open".

"I'll just let the coaches know when I call them," he said.

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