No Favorite for Okakpu

Ebele Okakpu's trip into the Carolinas may shed light on his where he will go to college.

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"I really liked it," he said of the trip to Death Valley. "But I didn't get to meet with Coach Bowden.

But, the Roswell linebacker still puts Georgia high on his list of potential suitors.

"I didn't expect Georgia to offer me, but when they did I was excited about it," he said.

Okakpu watched as the Bulldogs offered a number of out-of-state linebackers, and saw the team get a commitment from GAC linebacker Christian Robinson. He got his commitment so thereafter, but Marcus Dowtin's commitment on Friday gives Georgia a second linebacker in the class of 2008, which is how many linebackers the Dawgs signed last year.

Still, Okakpu has been staying busy, but not attending individual camps like the Mark Richt Camp, which happened in June. Instead, the rising senior has been focusing on his team, which is the defending state champions in AAAAA.

"Really, I have been doing some seven-on-sevens, but nothing more than that. I just have not been able to do a lot of individual camps."

Okakpu's trip into the Carolinas will shed light on his future college choice, he said.

"I like Clemson and North Carolina. I wanted to get a look at them," he said. "I was looking to see what the campuses are like. I also wanted to get to see what their coaches are like."

With that information in hand he can make a decision sooner rather than later.

"I am going to try to make my decision before my decision starts. I want to focus on my team and my final high school season, so probably by the end of July. That's what I am going to try to do anyway," he said.

Okakpu said after his trip to the Carolinas that he does not have a favorite.

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