Gray beats mono and makes it to Athens

Logan Gray stepped onto campus at Georgia for the first time today, which, considering what he's just been through, is a big deal.

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Stuck home in Missouri while his future teammates started their college experience, Gray was fighting mono. The illness knocked another 15-20 pounds of his already lean body, he estimated.

"It was bad," Gray admitted. "I had never been that sick before in my entire life. Everyone was pretty concerned because there is a chance that your spleen could bust with mono. The doctors told me that it was not life or death, but it was scary."

Gray said he made two trips to the hospital to fight the mono, but said his stay was limited.

"I wasn't in the hospital for that long, but I was in there twice and both of those times I was there for a day," he said.

Gray admitted that he will have to pass a physical at Georgia before he starts to participate in any physical activity.

"I have to still go get a physical before I get started," he said. "I think they are going to clear me immediately. I don't know why they would hold me back."

Gray said his physicians in Missouri gave him no reason to think that he would not be cleared by the Bulldog medical staff. That will clear the way, he said, for him to focus on school and football.

"I am looking forward to going down there and going to school. I am looking forward to competing," he said. Gray thinks he will be able to throw with the team next week when the it reconvenes after the Fourth of July break. Still, Gray has been keeping up with his teammates and coaches.

"I talk to Aron White regularly," Gray said. The pair played football and basketball together at Rock Bridge High School. The duo was considered the top pair of football players in the Show Me State. "He says that it's going good and that there's a lot of stuff. He said that you just have to roll with it. I have met pretty much everyone else that's already up there, so I it's not like I will be meeting guys for the first time."

"I have been talking with Coach Bobo regularly, too" Gray said. "I let him know what's going on."

Gray said he's been working over the last few weeks to gain back what weight he lost. He's been firing footballs around in order to get his arm strength back to where it was before the mono.

"The past couple of weeks I started working out again," he said. "I have been going at it pretty hard for the last week. There was a month when I could not do anything. I couldn't with my spleen. It might burst if I move too fast."

But with the mono episode behind him, the future Bulldog signal caller looks forward to getting into the football groove at Georgia. Most of all, he said, he's eager to start his new life in Athens.

"This may have set me back a little bit, but I don't think missing June in Athens is going to be anything major in the long run. I am going to start taking classes right away, but I have to get signed up for school. I am excited to get off on my own and living by myself," he said.

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