Richt moves to day-to-day recruiting

ATHENS – It's no wonder Georgia has had recruiting success so far this year. The number one recruiter just happens to be the face of the program.

And Mark Richt's move into more of the every day of recruiting has paid dividends. The Bulldogs have 17 commitments already and are ranked in the top five nationally in recruiting rankings.

"I can concentrate on it more," Richt said of recruiting. "I can study it more."

Since Richt arrived in Athens he has left most of the recruiting duties to his assistant coaches. Recruiting Coordinator Rodney Garner has been critical to past recruiting success for the Bulldogs. While Garner and Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo are still both important pieces to the recruiting puzzle in Athens, Richt's arrival in the day-to-day fight for recruits has pushed the Bulldogs to new heights in the world of recruiting.

"I've kind of relied on each coach to do a great job of gaining that relationship with these guys, and they've done a great job," Richt admitted. "I really felt like I could be a better recruiter."

After Richt handed the offensive duties to Bobo, something he had been thinking about doing for some time, he said he knew that he would get more involved in pulling players to Athens.

"My biggest role in recruiting in the past, I think, was to try to run a program in such a way that it would be attractive to players and their parents, and that our coaches would sell that. Now, I'm more of a day-to-day salesman than I was before, I would say," Richt said.

In years gone by Richt was far more hands off than he has been in 2007. This spring Richt showed players like A.J. Green, Brandon Boykin and DeAngelo Tyson around spring practice personally. The head coach stood by the prep stars showing them personal attention he had not previously been able to do because of his play-calling responsibilities.

"I can get to know (the recruits) better," Richt said. "I'm juggling less so now I can really study these players better. I can be much more involved in their recruitment."

The personal attention led to the commitments of Boykin and Tyson during spring practice. Those two said the personal attention was one of the reasons they wanted to play at Georgia.

Still, Richt is cautious of his new recruiting role.

"I've said it before: in the end with recruiting I just try not to mess it up," he said.

Georgia fans hope he continues "not to mess it up" all season long.

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