Sanders talks top 5 and Dawgs

Zebrie Sanders is one of the most sought after lineman in the nation who hasn't already committed. In this interview with Dawg Post he discusses his top five and his connection to Georgia.

Quentin Grant: I know you have offers from all over the country; do you have a top five at this point?

Zebrie Sanders: Yes sir, my top five is Florida, Georgia, UCLA, Clemson, and Michigan.

QG: Have you visited all of those schools yet?

ZS: I visited Georgia, Clemson, Michigan, and UCLA. Florida is the only one I haven't been too, but I plan to take an official down there.

QG: When did you visit Georgia?

ZS: My mom is a Georgia alumni so I visited Georgia the year before my junior year. She took me to a summer camp down there and that is how I got to meet some of the coaches. I saw Coach Callaway then which was before he left for UAB.

QG: Do you plan on getting back to Georgia for an official visit before you make a decision?

ZS: I'm definitely going to take an official for what I think is going to be the South Carolina game.

QG: Are you going to take an official to all five of those schools before you commit?

ZS: I know I'm taking an official to four of them. I'm not taking an official to Michigan because I have visited there seven times, and I already know what they have to offer. I am going to go to a game there this season but I'm not going to take an official there.

QG: When you were down at Georgia what were some of the things you liked about it?

ZS: I liked how big it was and the crowd and the fans were. Georgia is very much a football state. The crowd was electrifying when they played Georgia Tech. The fans were up on their feet, and I could barely get out of the stands after the game. Coach Richt is a great coach who is a Christian man and very religious. I like Coach Searles. He is a good offensive line coach who came from LSU. Then I really liked their academics and their depth chart. I think I would have a good chance at contributing early there.

QG: Is Coach Searles the guy you hear from the most?

ZS: Yes sir, I also hear from Coach David Johnson who texts me. Also Coach Richt texts me weekly and sometimes even daily so I've been talking to all of them and getting used to them.

QG: What's your plan for committing since you are planning on taking all of your officials?

ZS: I will pretty much know the school I want to go to during my season and I'll tell them privately. Then after the season I will announce it publicly if I get invited to an All American game or if not right after my season is over.

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