Tyson wants to but can't enroll early

Someone told DeAngelo Tyson that he had been named to the Scout.com National 100, but that's not something he's put a lot of thought into.

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"People told me about it, and I am proud of it," he said.

He did not discuss it further. He did not ask who was in front or behind him.

What Tyson has been focusing on, however, are his responsibilities on the football field and off. He was hoping to enroll early at Georgia after this fall, but said today that he won't be able to do that now.

"The way that my counselors scheduled my classes I am not able to enroll early," Tyson said with a not-too-happy tone. "That's disappointing for me."

Tyson had hoped to join his teammates from Statesboro, John Knox and Justin Houston in Athens in January. Instead, Tyson will still be in southeast Georgia.

Knox is still trying to get to Athens right now, and Tyson says he's going to summer school to do so. The defensive tackle said his teammate intends to be in Athens in time for fall camp.

"He is going to summer school and redoing classes he had when he was younger so that he can get into Georgia. He wants to get to there by August," Tyson said of his teammate and close friend.

Tyson said Knox and Houston were a major reason why he picked the Bulldogs. He said he thinks of Houston as a brother, and that Knox is one of his closest friends.

"I just knew that Houston and Knox were going to be up there, and that mattered a lot to me," Tyson said of committing to the Bulldogs. "Justin is like a brother to me, and John is a very close friend of mine."

Scout.com rates Tyson as the #17 overall prospect in America. He is considered the top defensive tackle in the country and is also considered the top overall prospect in Georgia. Reserved and of few words, Tyson wants his high school team to win the region and state titles in his senior season. He says Georgia's Jon Fabris emphasizes hitting the books and the weight room and keeping focused.

Tyson says fellow Georgia commit Toby Jackson is the social ringleader of Georga's class, and that he looks forward to his basketball match up with Jackson later this year in a Christmas tournament.

"I can't wait for that one," Tyson said.

Tyson says he worries about hurting prep basketball players when he's on the court because they don't have pads and because there is a lot of jumping. But, he says, when he finds his way onto the football field he flips a switch.

"I don't feel that way in football. I am scared to get rough with guys when I play basketball," he said.

Tyson spent time earlier this year looking for a job and he found one he really enjoys.

"I work at the Boys and Girls Club," he said. "I like it a lot. I serve them lunch every day. They are anywhere from kindergarten to fifth grade. They come and talk with me because I am well known down here. I like talking to the kids. They always ask me about football. I talk to them about real life stuff. I try to motivate them. I just let them know that they have to listen and strive for the best."

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