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Georgia' offensive got on track against an out-manned opponent this weekend, but what does that really tell us? Plus more from around the country.

Confidence is one of the most underrated attributes of a football team. When a quarterback at the college level and above takes his drop, sets, and fires all in one motion, it's almost always a completion. He's sure of what he wants to do, and he does it flawlessly. As soon as he hesitates, there's trouble. That's confidence. 

If nothing else comes out of these next 2 weeks, Georgia's confidence will be restored going into a huge matchup in Tuscaloosa next week. Georgia will be coming off of 2 huge offensive and defensive performances, and the Dawgs will have the swagger of what could be as high as a top 5 team. With the 2 quarterback system shelved for the time being, Georgia will have the opportunity to establish a rhythm that was sorely lacking against South Carolina and Clemson.

That rhythm will be needed against an Alabama front seven that will be better than anyone the Dawgs have faced this year. Georgia was able to turn to Musa Smith for over 100 yards in games against Clemson and South Carolina. Coach Franchione and Alabama would love for Georgia to come in and go toe to toe with the Tide. Alabama's front 4 is the best in the SEC. Jarrett Johnson, Kenny King, Kindal Moorehead, and emerging star Antwan Odom would welcome that challenge as well, we'll talk more about the big matchup next week.

Confidence is what Georgia will pull out of these next 2 games, and that will serve Georgia well in the near future. One player in particular who could help Georgia immensely is Reggie Brown. Brown caught his first touchdown pass of the season last week, and he showed glimpses of putting it all together against South Carolina. Another week and another afternoon of pitch and catch could do wonders for the on-field production of Mr. Brown. 

If Brown does put it all together, Georgia's wide receiver corp. is going to become what most fans hoped it would this summer. Two true deep threats on the corners with Damien Gary and Terrance Edwards in the slots, where their smaller size can be used as an advantage rather than a liability, could put up the type of numbers that we know this team is capable of.

So what did this weekend really tell us? Nothing really, but it did give us a glimpse of things to come against better competition.

Around the Nation:

  • Game of the week? The team from the Swamp looked much better in the rain than the team from the Mountains. At one point in the second quarter Tennessee fumbled the ball on 3 straight plays. The more things change, the more they stay the same. With a victory over Tennessee in hand, the bull's-eye is clearly back on Florida despite the higher ranking of Georgia in both polls.
  • Who would have thought that Kentucky would be 4-0 and look like the #3 team in the SEC East right now. Certainly not me. Kentucky soundly whipped a decent MTSU team, and now looks to catch Florida celebrating it's big victory this week in Gainesville.
  • For the record, I can't think of one good reason to run a fake field goal up by 3 touchdowns in the 4th quarter as Auburn did against Mississippi State in the Tigers' 42-14 victory in Starkville on Thursday night.
  • Alabama's defense played 4 quarters of football Saturday night. That's something that they have not been able to do over the past 2+ seasons. Brodie Croyle got his first extensive playing time, and he put to rest any question on who the starting quarterback should be. Tyler Watts, while your healthy, the job is yours. A tough blow to senior Ahmad Galloway who tore up his knee; here's hoping Galloway still has a long football career ahead of him.
  • Another tough blow to one of the top running backs in the country, Georgia Tech's Tony Hollings' season ended with a torn ACL. The junior DB turned running back's career now more closely resembles that of Georgia's Robert Edwards. I hope Hollings can get healthy and become a first round pick and a millionaire as well.
  • Was there a harder hitting game in the country than Texas A&M and Virginia Tech? The Hokies are my pick for the #2 team in the country right now.
  • After the Miami/Florida game, I mentioned, for all we know Florida could still be the 2nd best team in the country. Yes, I think Miami is that good.
  • The Cincinnati Bearcats have been a thorn in the side of Big 10 teams the way Southern Miss has been for the SEC. Ohio State was lucky to get away with a win on Saturday, but in each magical season, there is a little luck. Is Ohio State good enough to turn a little luck into a magical season? We'll see.
  • If you're going to catch Colorado, you better do it early. The Buffs appear to be back on track after a sound thrashing of UCLA.

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