Mailman must be getting tired of Shaw

Greg Shaw is overwhelmed. The south Florida offensive lineman is getting attention from nearly every major program in the South.

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He's getting pounds of mail each day, he says, and he can't figure out exactly what he wants to do – that's why his list of schools is so long.

"I could tell you a top 15," Shaw said when asked if he had narrowed his list down any. "USF, Clemson, LSU, Louisville, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Wisconsin, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Auburn, Virginia and Ole Miss are all in there."

The attention is flattering and time consuming he said. He shuffled through his most recent correspondence while we were on the phone.

"If you could see my mail right now you would understand what it's like. In these past two days I've gotten six letters from LSU and six from Clemson alone. Georgia Tech's coaches text me a ton. Tech and USF, wow, they both text me a lot," he said. "I like people who stay on me. Some of the schools who offered me have just sort of drifted off. I got like four or five things from Alabama in a day not that long ago. Clemson and LSU have been on me a lot – they are tied for the most mail I have ever got. Sometimes I look at the mail and sometimes I just am amazed with it."

The rising senior said he is glad to have so many schools after him. He said he's glad it's not the other way around – him getting no attention at all.

"It's a lot, but I am happy about it. It could be a lot worse for me," he said. "I went up north for a camp and a lot of the guys there had division two offers from schools I had never heard of."

Shaw knows he has to start narrowing down his list of potential schools soon. After all, he said, he would like to pick a school soon, but also added that he "could wait a while, too." He said he would "like to decide after the summer."

"I am at 15 right now, and I am going to knock it down to ten and then to five. I want to be completely sure about where I go. It's going to be hard, but I am going to still take official visits to my top five."

Interestingly, Shaw named two out-of-state schools in his top five – Georgia and Georgia Tech – but was unsure of the other three.

"Georgia and Georgia Tech are in my top five right now," he said, indicating that his trips to those schools helped their chances with him. "I don't know the other three."

"I love the city and I love the campus at Georgia Tech," he said. "They were hands on with their coaches."

Tech's rival did well, too.

"You see Bulldogs on every corner – everywhere," Shaw remembered of Athens. "It's like when you get to Georgia you don't see any bees or gators – strictly bulldogs. I like that. It seems like the city is behind the team."

Shaw also mentioned that he was taking a look at Florida, but didn't like all of the youth on their offensive line.

"I am good with competition," he said. "But if I got to Florida they just got several freshmen tackles."

Shaw insists that he is open to all 15 schools he named above, but that his mother is taking a hard look at depth charts to see where her son might fit in.

"My mom looks it up on the internet to see what the depth charts are like," he said. "And we go from there."

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