Bolton holds a slew of offers

Devonta Bolton isn't as well known as his teammate, but that doesn't mean he's being ignored.

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The wide receiver/safety prospect has a list of ten schools that have offered him, and said he's ready to narrow that list down after traveling to a few more campuses.

"We have been trying to narrow the decision down. And I think that we have gotten it down to ten. It's been interesting experience," he said. "Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Boston College, Florida, Clemson, USC, Michigan, Louisville and Virginia Tech have all offered and are in my top ten."

Bolton has visited Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Louisville and Virginia Tech, but still needs to travel to Clemson, Ann Arbor and Chestnut Hill.

"I will narrow it down after the visits," Bolton said. "I want to talk to the players about their experiences. I want to meet people. I am not just going to college to play football I am going to get a degree."

The 6-3, 220-pound prep star said he's interested in majoring in business management, which gives Boston College a shot at him since he's been told that's one of the top institutions in the country in that field. Still, he says, Georgia, Alabama and Auburn top his list, with the Bulldogs in the lead.

The thing that complicates matters some in Bolton's recruitment is which position he will line up at in college.

"A lot of schools are looking at me for wide receiver and that makes thinks difficult for me," he admitted. "I am not like Brice where things are simpler because he plays only one position. I have to think about which I would rather play. I love playing both. I know with my size and speed I would probably be better on offense, I guess."

The entire topic of which position gets Bolton off on a position-thinking tangent. He wonders, out loud, to himself if he would be better on one side or another – and can't come up with a conclusion.

"I am going to be an athlete," he decides. "Schools are going to end up playing me what they want me to play. For instance, Florida is looking at me to be a wide receiver/H-Back and that's great. Boston College is going to have that same sort of offense, too."

But, Bolton admits, it will be hard to not pick Georgia – his in-state school.

"It's the hometown school," he said when asked why Georgia tops his list at the moment. "They were also the first team that I ever saw when I was little. My dad took me to a Georgia-Georgia Tech game when I was little, and I still remember it today."

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