Georgia commit Jackson takes in Auburn

Toby Jackson is still committed to Georgia, but he's taking visits to see what other schools are like.

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"I went to Auburn this weekend," Jackson said. "I just went for the camp. I didn't participate. I went with a couple of guys from my team. They are young. I think they were looking for experience. I was just there checking out their coaches and seeing how they run their program."

The Auburn staff knew that Jackson is committed to the Bulldogs, and they were wondering if they were wasting their time trying to convince him to play for their school.

"They didn't bring up that I was committed to Georgia," Jackson said. "They just wanted to know if they still have a chance, and I said they do have a chance."

Jackson explained that he discussed with the Georgia coaches ahead of time about what he was going to be doing on the recruiting trail. He said that he's been up front with the Georgia staff and that the trips he's taking is no surprise to them.

"They have never said anything to me about it," Jackson said. "I let them know that even though I am committed I wanted to make my trips. I like Georgia more than anyone right now, but I am not going to close the door on anyone."

So if Jackson is still being recruited even thought he's committed which schools interest him beyond the Bulldogs?

"I would say that Alabama is up there," Jackson said. "Auburn has a chance. Clemson is one of the few schools from the ACC that's recruiting me right now."

Jackson said he will still take five official visits, and listed which ones he would like to go to this fall.

"I am trying to five out where I want to want to visit," Jackson said pondering his upcoming decisions. "I am defiantly going to visit Georgia. I would probably also visit Miami, Florida, Alabama and Clemson. Miami is not recruiting me as hard as the other schools, but I grew up a Miami fan and they have just now offered me."

Still, Jackson maintains that he's committed to the Bulldogs. He says he keeps up with at least three of the other Georgia commits.

"I talk with a couple of guys who have committed to Georgia like Christian Robinson, Brandon Boykin and DeAngelo Tyson. We talk about things that homebodies talk about," he said.

As for recruiting, Jackson said he wants to take it slow.

"I was talking with a guy who played with me in high school who plays at Clemson now. He told me that the best thing for me to do is avoid the stress and take things one day at a time," Jackson said.

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