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Bobby Massie has narrowed his college choices to three programs, but isn't picking one anytime soon, he said.

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"Virginia Tech, Clemson and Georgia are my top three," Massie said. He denied that he was planning on committing any time in the near future.

"I wasn't planning on committing any time soon," Massie said.

The huge prospect just returned from a tip to Virginia Tech, and school he hears from regularly, he said.

"I just left Virginia Tech. I wanted to see what Tech was about. I didn't know anything about them. I just knew a little about Frank Beamer. They win a lot of game and produce good players from Virginia. I thought it was a real good school. I hear from them and Clemson everyday," he confirmed of the ACC rivals. "They say that I am a big need for them because of what I can do as a player."

The Hokies and Tigers have come on strong, pulling even or maybe even passing Georgia, who at one time was Massie's favorite school.

"Clemson and Georgia want me on the offensive line, but Tech says that I can play defensive line, which I like better."

Tech's recruiting Massie as either a defensive lineman or offensive lineman instead of as an offensive lineman exclusively seems to give the in-state school a good shot with him. Still, another ACC school may be entering the mix, Massie said, and he will visit them this weekend.

"I am going to North Carolina this weekend," Massie confirmed. "I want to find out more about the program. I'm going to participate in their camp – they may offer. They have a shot at getting me because their head coach put about 20 guys into the first round of the NFL and I think he's got connections there. You see their numbers about that stuff – they have a good shot. They had a good signing class last year, too."

As for the Bulldogs, Massie says he still keeps in touch with the Georgia staff, but that the correspondence is not what it once was.

"I still like Georgia a lot," he said. "They have not been in contact with me as much lately, but I think highly of Georgia."

The Dawgs' old rivals, Clemson, are attractive to Massie because of the home-town feel of the upstate school.

"Clemson is a small school with not a lot of distractions," he said. "They have a good offensive line coach. I think its real nice school."

Those three schools, for the time being, are fighting it out for Massie. He said he wants to take all five of his official visits, and would, in theory, like to commit after he's done with those.

"I could commit, and then take officials, but I don't want to commit and have second thoughts about it. I don't want to de-commit," he said. "I wanted to narrow it to a top three, and I have. I want to visit those three and maybe Texas or Florida. My coach says that those two schools have asked about me, but I haven't gotten anything official from them."

Massie's trip to North Carolina, however, could jumble up who gets the final official visits outside his top three.

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