Robinson updates recruiting

Decommit has been a nasty word for Georgia fans of late, but that word is not in Christian Robinson's vocabulary.

Quentin Grant: Since your commitment in May, what have you been up to?

Christian Robinson: Well I committed early because I wanted to get it out of the way and be able to be with my team and get ready for the upcoming season. The day after I committed was the day team workouts started and we have been going hard for about seven weeks. We train in the morning for three days a week for about three hours. Then we have team passing practice in the evening two days a week. We went to a passing camp up into north Georgia.

QG: How do you like the passing league competitions compared to actually playing eleven on eleven football?

CR: Well one thing I don't like about the passing league is the borderline physical play and especially the tackling. Some players take it too serious and I kind of hurt my back at a passing camp when a kid tackled me trying to take a shot at me. I don't really like the passing camps because if there is going to be tackling that is why I like football. With eleven on eleven you can go all out and you don't have to worry about someone taking cheap shots and hurting you because that's the chance you take. Passing camps are good for learning and getting ready for the season but that's about it for me.

QG: Have you been able to get any stronger this summer?

CR: I have gotten stronger. I've been able to gain some weight and my squat and clean have gone up. We've been trying to focus on getting our form down because we had a week off and everyone is kind of rusty.

QG: Before you committed to Georgia you had offers from South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and LSU. Are you still hearing from them or did they back off after your commitment.

CR: They have but I don't really read all the mail. My dad likes to read the mail from Alabama and South Carolina. Some of the coaches still like to talk to my dad and they still text message me. Coach Meyer from Florida texts me but I choose not to respond because I don't want any of these coaches to think that I am still on the market at all. I know I'm going to Georgia and I'm not going to change my mind.

QG: What are some goals you have set for yourself for your senior year?

CR: I want to gain a little weight. I'm about 205 right now, and I play receiver on offense which requires a lot running so I lose weight really easy. Once we stop training everyday my weight should start to go back up and my weight should go up to the 210-215 range. I want just want to get bigger but my team is what I am really worried about. This year we have eight seniors and last year we had twenty five seniors. I think this year we have a tighter group and I just want to get ready for this season. I want to prove people wrong who are doubting us because we only have eight seniors.

QG: Do you have any plans to visit any other schools beside Georgia in the future?

CR: When I went to visit Georgia after making my commitment I told Coach Richt that I didn't want to go anywhere else and I only wanted to take my one official visit to Georgia. I will not be going anywhere else.

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