2007 Media Days: Legge's Look at S. Carolina

BIRMINGHAM – Here's a look at the day South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks had at the SEC's annual Media Day event. South Carolina finished fifth in the SEC East and went to the Liberty Bowl last season.

Last season: 8-5
Last game vs. Georgia: 18-0 loss
Series Record: Georgia leads 44-13-2
Most memorable Georgia win: 1980 – Herschel Walker and the Bulldogs best eventual Heisman Trophy winner George Rodgers and South Carolina.
Most painful Georgia loss: 2000 – With all the hype in the world behind their backs, Georgia – and what's supposed to be their Heisman candidate – loses 21-10 in one of the biggest upsets of the year. Quincy Carter throws five interceptions to help the Gamecocks' cause.
Starters returning: 17

Best player: Jasper Brinkley
Biggest Weakness: Offensive line
2007's big question: Carolina could be the spoiler in the East this year (as is said every season) – but can they jump past fourth and fifth place finishes in the East?

Inside the numbers vs. Georgia (as seen in the 2007 Dawg Post Season Preview):

Since South Carolina entered the SEC in 1992, the Gamecocks have beaten Georgia four times (1993, 1996, 2000 and 2001). In those games, Carolina has a 14-4 turnover advantage. There have been times in the recent past (2004) when Georgia has overcome having more turnovers than South Carolina to win. But most of the time, particularly when the Gamecocks' turnover advantage is more than two, Georgia loses.

No one forgets Quincy Carter's pitiful five-interception day in Columbia in 2000. The Cocks went on to beat Georgia 21-10. Four seasons earlier in 1996, Georgia fell to Carolina 23-16 after surrendering four turnovers; the Gamecocks had none that game.

In any football game, turnovers are critical, but it seems even truer in Georgia's games with South Carolina.

SEC Media Day's quote to note: "We have raised our goals this year – we are going to try to win the conference. We have added some players that we feel like are on the level of the guys at Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. We feel like we have some players at that level. Every year at Florida we had the goal of winning the conference championship – and we did that nearly every year. The best team in the conference doesn't win it every year. Going into our 3rd year at Carolina we feel like we can tell our guys: ‘We can do it fellas'. We are not going to be picked to win it and we shouldn't be, but we are going to come to the ballpark determined to win it." – Steve Spurrier on the level of his expectations in Columbia

"I never said anything about changing the culture – that was Lou Holtz. I said something about changing the attitude. The history there is not that super duper. South Carolina won the ACC in 1969." – Spurrier on Carolina's tradition.

"Don't applaud our guys for close losses. We don't need to be booed or anything, but we don't need to be patted on the back for close loses," Spurrier on the Carolina fans.

"Now what was your question? Something about LSU…? I don't know. You can ask those guys about that." – Spurrier avoids talking about a coach going back to his old school to play

"There were a few lousily called games that deserved an investigation." – a joking Spurrier said reacting to the referee scandal in the NBA.

"We were doing some cartwheels around Columbia with that first class we got in there, and about half of that 24 is still there." - Spurrier on recreuiting and how ratings don't mean much

"I guess we will quit text messaging. We do about what everyone else does." – Spurrier talking about the text messaging ban which goes into effect on August 1st.

Legge's 2007 projected SEC finish: 4th SEC East
Legge's 2006 projected SEC finish: 4th SEC East
Actual 2006 SEC finish: 5th SEC East

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