Miller: Freshmen LBs impressing

ATHENS – Brandon Miller, Georgia's starting middle linebacker, knows what it's like to come into the pressure-filled situation of playing as a true freshman.

Rennie Curran and Charles White profiles

Miller experienced that sort of pressure his first year in Athens. Miller came to Georgia as one of the most-heralded linebackers in recent memory, and while Rennie Curran and Charles White may not gotten as much national attention as Miller, the senior says those two may get to feel the same sort of feeling he got his freshman year.

"They are great young guys," Miller said of Curran and White. "Those are guys I am feeling good about. They will do anything you ask them to do. Even though they know they can't do something – they still try."

Both Curran and White committed to the Bulldogs in the spring of 2006 and were firm in their commitments during the nearly year-long process.

"It's always going to be hard to pick up things at first," Miller said. "You can't learn everything at first. They are still learning the basics. Right now, I think they are pretty much getting everything down pat."

Akeem Hebron's suspension after the spring semester may have opened up the door for both Curran and White to have playing time this fall. While freshmen are not included in the depth chart at Georgia before fall camp begins, it seems both linebackers will have their chance to get onto the field on special teams.

Still, Miller says getting onto the field is a difficult challenge in your first year on the team.

"It's very difficult because you don't know what's going on half of the time," he said.

Miller went on to ask: "Have you ever seen Rennie? Ever see how big he is?"

The senior linebacker said he was surprised to see just how impressive the former Brookwood star was when he first met him.

"Rennie just hustles all of the time," Miller said. "He just hustles everywhere all of the time."

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