2007 Fall Camp: Brandon Miller Pure Camp

ATHENS – Senior linebacker Brandon Miller has seen his fair share of craziness during his fall camps at Georgia. Dean Legge talks with him in a Dawg Post feature called Pure Camp, which describes the subtleties of being a Bulldog during the heat of August practices.

Who is the most irritable player you've seen in your time during fall camp?


You know, the way Inman used to be?

He was crazy. He was a great guy, but he was crazy during fall camp.

Did you ever have to go up against him on occasion?

Occasionally, but I didn't try to hit him, but we don't really have anybody like that right now.

Are things more intense during fall camp?

Yes, no question. It's a whole new level, because it's just the beginning and everyone is trying hard to do well. One day you might be in shorts and the next day you are in full pads. The transition is crazy. I can't even tell you how your body changes on stuff like that.

What about two-a-days?

I think we only have about three this year. two-a-days were really tough back before I was here because you were doing two-a-days, two-a-days, two-a-days – no breaks. It was all out.

Was there a time when you can remember doing something really great from some old fall camps?

I had an interception, and I ran it back. I really had never done that in a game or anything like that until I got one in fall camp. I thought: "I can do this."

Do you remember a moment like that for anyone else where you thought: "This guy is pretty good?"

Ramarcus Brown got a pick on the eight-yard line and people started chasing him. Knowshon and somebody else tried to chase him down, but they couldn't catch him – he was hauling.

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