2007 Fall Camp: Party at the Pool Report

ATHENS - Georgia head football coach Mark Richt surprised the team Thursday, taking the players to the pool at the Ramsey Center's Gabrielsen Natatorium for a break from the heat between practices in the first day of two-a-days.

"We've been working hard and haven't missed a day yet," Richt said. "It's been extremely hot with record temperatures. We try to do something like this every year for camaraderie and fun, and I think they enjoyed it."

At the pool, several players along with Richt jumped off diving boards as high as 10 meters. Richt performed two dives off the high board where he did a back flip in the air, something he said he had not attempted in three years.

"I've been knowing we were going to do this for a few days so I've been visualizing it in my head," he explained. "I thought about coming in to practice it but I didn't get the time. So there were a lot of prayers and visualization."

The team's original practice slated for 4:20 p.m. was moved to a night session at 8:30 p.m.

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