2007 Fall Camp: Party at the Pool Photos

ATHENS - Mark Richt took his players to the Ramsey Center Pool today - a fall camp tradition.

Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford

Mark Richt

Joe Cox gets ready

Caleb King jumps right in

Asher Allen flexes

Coaches and GAs look on

Brannan Southerland

Matthew Stafford

Vance Cuff takes a look

and then Cuff takes a moment to think

Cuff skydives in

Dave Van Halanger and daughter

Knoshon Moreno and Demiko Goodman get crunk

Goodman screams - thinking hard about what he's getting into

Goodman gets nervous

Still not ready

Am I really going to do this?

I don't care what you say - you people are crazy up here

Whatever, dude, I am outta here...

Taking the fastest way down - (Moreno with the expression of the day)


Moreno takes off

Justin Anderson and the linemen take in the crazy people on the platform

Lumpkin points out where the crazy people jump from

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