Jones adds 35 lbs and is ready to use it

ATHENS – If you can't tell who Reshad Jones is anymore you are not the only one.

Reshad Jones Profile

"I've gained 35 pounds," he said. "I have been working out hard this summer."

No kidding.

Jones' arms look like over-inflated balloons – bulging out and nearly ready to burst. At 210 pounds, Jones is bigger than ever before, but not so big that he couldn't be used at a position other than safety – if the Bulldogs were to ever get into a pinch.

Head coach Mark Richt said this summer that Jones could play cornerback if forced to.

"He's athlete enough to do it, and he is a bigger body than most of our other corners," Richt said. "He's definitely going be covering some people man-to-man – whether it be a true corner or a slot, I don't know."

That's not the plan right now, as Jones is fighting for playing time as a backup safety. Physically, Jones is a throwback to the days when Georgia had physical beasts as their last line of defense. Sean Jones, Thomas Davis and Greg Blue – all three All-Americans – were heavy hitters with ample size. Both Blue and Davis redshirted and then exploded onto the scene their second year in Athens.

"When I first came to Georgia I was selfish – I wanted to play right away," Jones said. "But I didn't understand that there were older guys in front of me who understood Georgia's system better than me. I had to come in and learn the system and the calls. I know the system a lot better than I did last year. I have always been a baller, but I just had to get in there and learn Georgia's system. "

Now that he knows what needs to be known, and with the season only days away, Jones says he can't wait to make an impact on the field.

"I am pretty anxious to get out there," he said. "I want to help my team win. I am a competitor, and I think it will be hard to keep me off the field this year."

That may be the case, indeed. Richt said that Jones' ability to cover receivers may give him the leg up to get on the field in vital situations.

"There may be a time, there may be a match up where we need to do that. There may be, gosh, you could play a ton of four-receiver sets, and you're looking for more cover guys. If your safeties are good enough to cover an inside receiver, then you don't have to get into nickel packages and things of that nature," Richt said.

"The goal right now is for me to win the starting job," Jones said. "But whatever my role is, I am going to have to take it and go with whatever it is."

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