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Well, here we are. Georgia is 4-0 and ranked in the top 10 in the country without having played its best ball yet. The next 2 weeks will tell us a lot about Georgia and whether or not the lofty ranking is justified. Plus a look at last week's action in college football.

After posting a 2-0 record against 2 dangerous teams in Clemson and South Carolina, Georgia was expected to take care of business against tune up opponents Northwestern State and New Mexico State. Georgia did just that. Despite the lopsided score of 41-10 on Saturday, Georgia failed to break the 300 yard mark in total offense. Is that a reason for concern? I say yes, but a small one. Had Georgia put it in their mind to drop 500 yards and 60 points on an out manned opponent, there is little doubt that they would have. Was Georgia looking ahead a bit towards this week's big showdown with Alabama? Probably, but who could blame them.

Georgia is ranked as high as #7, yet they opened as a 4 point underdog to #22 Alabama on the road. This tells us that Georgia must still earn the respect of the nation to justify their ranking. No better place to do it than a stadium in which Georgia has never won, against a team bursting with confidence. If Georgia can go into Tuscaloosa and come out with a win, skeptical voters and opposing fan's thoughts of Georgia being overrated will go out the window, and Georgia may indeed be the team to beat in the SEC. A loss, while not devastating to the long term goals of the season, would take away much needed momentum against Tennessee the following week.

Being that Alabama is in the SEC West, Georgia could lose this game and still control its SEC destiny, but it could raise questions and doubts amongst a team that has yet to fire on all cylinders. This game will tell us a lot about the future of the 2002 Georgia Bulldogs.

Stay tuned to  through the week as they will have thoughts and breakdowns of the big game on Saturday.

More Football:

  • While the present of Georgia football looks good, the future may look even better. Georgia Picked up commitments from the #2 rated running back in the nation by in Kregg Lumpkin, and added another commitment from BorderWars' #1 tight end in the south in Coleman Watson. Leonard Pope's commitment was re-affirmed by his head football coach at Hargrave. If you haven't seen the star power of Georgia's current class, click here to see what you're missing.
  • For those of you clamoring for a playoff, I hope you were tuned in this week and every week, as Florida State and Penn State were just eliminated. Georgia has its next playoff game on Saturday against Alabama.
  • Vanderbilt seems to have turned it around. While the turnaround is not apparent on the wins and loss columns, Vanderbilt is a player or 2 short of turning some of these losses into wins. I know, I know, Vanderbilt has been like that for a decade, but this year, they appear to be getting some of those difference makers in recruiting. Vandy added another top notch New England Athlete last week.
  • If Alabama didn't have the Dawgs' attention before this weekend, they certainly do now. Their complete dismantling of Arkansas in Arkansas was done with surgeon-like preciseness. Alabama whipped the Hogs in every phase of the game. It may have come at a high price though. Center and anchor of the offensive line Alonzo Ephraim is doubtful for the game, and punter Lane Bearden looks to be out. Those 2 appear to be bigger blows to the team than starting running back Ahmaad Galloway and quarterback Tyler Watts
  • Tennessee and Florida both appeared to be suffering from hangovers after their big game last week. Tennessee struggled against Rutgers, while Florida had all they could handle from a good Kentucky squad. Tennessee and Florida were pulled through by their 2 humble stars Kelley Washington and Rex Grossman. Said Grossman after the win, "We knew we could move the ball on them. It's not like we were playing the New England Patriots." Equally modest in his post game comments was Washington, "Basically, I was smothered ,'' Washington said of his first half shutout. "I was one-on-one in the second half. I took that as a disgrace, and took it upon myself to get it done.''
  • Auburn rode Carnell "Cadillac" Williams to a surprisingly hard fought victory over an inspired Syracuse team. Williams had 40 carries on Saturday night, which was surpassed only by the 41 he had against Georgia last year. Unlike last year, Carnell doesn't have to face Alabama this week. Auburn has a Bye on the schedule, and the over/under for Daniel Cobb turnovers is hovering at 3.
  • Penn State came crashing back down to earth this weekend, and their national championship hopes went as well. Makes the regular season kind of exciting doesn't it?
  • Georgia Tech pulled off a gutsy performance after losing Tony Hollings to a season ending injury as well as sack leader Greg Geathers. Coach Chan Gailey has his team playing well.
  • Finally, Bowden Bowl 4 will be this Thursday night, one can only hope that ESPN will have Terry Bowden on loan from ABC for another Bobby, Tommy, Terry, and mom lovefest like last year's. Wasn't that just adorable?

Until Next week...............

Georgia vs Alabama
3:30 EST
Tuscaloosa, AL

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