08/20/2007 Georgia Practice Report

ATHENS - The No. 13-ranked Georgia Bulldogs practiced for two hours in full pads on Monday afternoon, breaking into scout teams for the initial time in preparation for the season opener against Oklahoma State.

"We did break into scout teams today and begin to work on Oklahoma State on both sides of the ball," head coach Mark Richt said.

The team will take its preparations a step further later this week.

"Thursday we'll have a practice game," Richt said. "We'll play half of football and simulate everything from the pre-game warmup to how we leavethe locker room to the field -- go out the proper gate, come in by the Bulldog -- all the kind of stuff we normally do. We'll try to get a dress rehearsal in."

While actual game preparation was introduced for the first time on Monday, a constant storyline throughout the fall camp remained. The heat index during practice was measured at 109 degrees.

"It's an understatement, but it was hot out there," Richt said. "We we nt on the field turf. I don't know if we should've or not, but it's definitelyhotter on the field turf. It's a safer surface right now. The grass is not getting as much water as you'd like. The grass fields are getting harder because of the lack of rain. We decided to go on the field turf, but it's hotter. The guys held up real well. I was real proud of them. We ended up getting everything we wanted to get done."

Richt said the heat hasn't taken the toll he thought it might considering the numerous 100-degree days during the first two-plus weeks of practice.

"Everybody has held up pretty well," Richt said. "There have been a couple of guys who haven't held up completely, but I don't know that we've ever been through a camp where a few guys didn't have the heat get them a little bit. Overall, I'm really pretty proud of how the guys have held up. I think our strength staff did a very nice job of getting our guys in condition considering it wasn't that hot this summer compared to what we're dealing with now. Ironically, it started the first practice and hasn't relented yet."

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