Wood aims to climb the depth chart

ATHENS - For redshirt freshman Brandon Wood, this wasn't how it was supposed to be.

Lost in the depth chart at defensive tackle after a freshman season cut short because of surgery, Wood won't lie and say that he hasn't been down.

But that doesn't mean that he's out.

"This year is kind of like coming in as a freshman because it's really my first year practicing. I thought I was going to come out better than I did. I should've worked more on my technique this summer than what I did," Wood said.

Wood, who moved inside from defensive end, said that his technique was the main thing holding him back from seeing the field, and that changing positions didn't make it any easier.

"I'm going against bigger people," he said. "I'm double-teamed all the time. I've just gotta get used to it. I think once the season goes on, with more practice, and I get a little better – I think my playing time will increase."

Having Rodney Garner, renowned as one of the top defensive line coaches in the country, doesn't hurt the transition either.

"He stays on me. He ain't going to get off of me," Wood said. "Sometimes it's rough, and you've got to let it blow over you're head, but it's nothing but the truth. He's just trying to make me better."

Georgia coach Mark Richt said that persevering through tough times is just a part of the maturation progress, and makes players stronger in the long run.

"When you can see guys, teammates of your own, that are now in prominent roles on the team, and if you could turn back the clock and say, 'Hey, he's just where (I was) two years ago. Look at him now. Don't get discouraged," Richt said.

"I tell the story about Pollack. Pollack was like, 'I'm not good enough to play at Georgia. I can't do anything right for coach "G.'" (He) thought he was going to go home – (he ) turned out pretty good."

For Wood, matching a David Pollack-like "pretty good" would satisfy him, as well as Georgia fans, just fine.

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