08/24/2007 Georgia News and Notes

ATHENS - News and notes from Georgia's fall practices.


The Cowboys are currently without senior linebacker Jeremy Nethon, who suffered a head injury at practice Wednesday. He was treated at a local hospital and released a few hours later.

Neither Nethon nor head coach Mike Gundy commented, but he's reportedly expected to be ready for Georgia.

Oklahoma State, which is 40th in the coaches poll and 42nd in the AP poll, scrimmaged Thursday night for about 60 plays. It was a longer such practice than usual at this point of the preseason.

"We gotta get ready to play," Gundy said in a story in the Daily Oklahoman. "And there's some situations, I think if you don't go full speed now you hate to find out the first time in Athens."


Remaining high on the Christmas list of head coach Mark Richt is an indoor facility, and the lack thereof had him a little weary Friday.

The Bulldogs had enough time to stretch and go through a short array of position drills before Mother Nature decided they could use a break.

Thunder and lightning awed up, sending Georgia inside after less than 45 minutes. Rain followed shortly thereafter as the Bulldogs converged on meeting rooms.

They'll return to a two-a-day session today with a morning and evening practice.

"It's a royal pain to deal with this kind of stuff," the seventh-year head coach said. "Be nice to have a little indoor facility nearby where you wouldn't have to spend your whole life trying to figure out a new plan.

"It's just very frustrating, and it gets very old, and I'm about tired of it. Maybe one day we'll get that done."

The canceled practice interrupted the routine of installing the game plan for Oklahoma State.

"We gotta get certain things done," Richt explained. "When camp starts, you're installing your offense for the year. But now, we're installing our game plan for the week for our first opponent.

"We want to stay on track on our installation. I want to be well ahead of the game by Monday."

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