Glenn: Trip to Athens a 10

Cordy Glenn takes a few minutes with Dawg to discuss his visit to Athens for the Oklahoma State game.

QG: How was your visit to Georgia yesterday?

Cordy Glenn: It went good, I really enjoyed it.

QG: What time did you get there yesterday?

CG: I got there around three.

QG: Did you get a chance to hang out with the other recruits?

CG: I got a chance to talk with Coach Richt, but everyone else was in the locker room so I didn't get a chance to talk with anyone else.

QG: What did you and Coach Richt talk about?

CG: He was telling me about the depth chart and we spoke about his family life and some other stuff.

QG: Do you like Coach Richt?

CG: Yes, I like him a lot.

QG: What do you like about him?

CG: He's a good man who tells you the truth.

QG: Did you commit by chance?

CG: No, I didn't commit.

QG: Now that you've been to Georgia do you have any idea where you go from here? Do you have another visit to Georgia planned possibly?

CG: I'm not sure right now. I have to sit down and talk to my parents and coach first.

QG: How would you rate your visit on a scale of one to ten?

CG: I would probably give it a ten.

QG: Did you enjoy the atmosphere and the crowd at the game?

CG: It was real good, I would probably give it a ten too.

QG: How many times have you been to Georgia before?

CG: I've only been there a couple of times before.

QG: How do you think the team played last night?

CG: I think they played well. I didn't watch the whole game but they were playing pretty good when I was watching.

QG: If you happen to commit to Georgia, do you think you could contribute their pretty quickly?

CG: I think I definitely could contribute there.

QG: So you aren't sure about any future visits at this point?

CG: No, I am not sure of anything definite right now.

QG: When do you see yourself committing?

CG: I'm not sure right now. I have to talk to my parents.

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