Long Drive Back After Longo's Visit

ATHENS – Jeremy Longo's trip to Georgia was a little longer than most of the rest of the visitors.

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Like many Americans, Longo and his family got in the car and drove to their Labor Day destination. Unlike most Americans, the Longos to a really long (sorry) trip.

"The drive up wasn't that bad because we stopped in Jacksonville and spent the night. But I am getting tired as we drive now," Longo admitted from his passenger-side seat.

That's why Longo and his teammate, kicker Blair Walsh, will likely venture back up to Athens for their official visits the weekend of the Ole Miss game – that's the plan for now.

"That will probably be our official visit," he said noting that the pair does not play that weekend.

As for the visit, Longo said it was everything he expected.

"I loved it. It was awesome," he said. "Everything from the crowd to the players to the coaches – it was one of a kind."

As usual, Georgia's trademark Dawg Walk was a big hit.

"Dawg Walk – that thing is crazy I will tell you that," he said. "The band is playing and everyone is going nuts. Everyone is screaming totally nuts. I am a Bulldog now and I am going to be a Bulldog."

He got the chance to talk with several fellow future Bulldogs on the mild September afternoon.

"I had a great time meeting all of the recruits," he said. It was the first time I'd met them in person. I got to talk with Christian Robinson and a couple of players. I am really excited to play with them next year."

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