Robinson wins Friday Night; visits Athens Sat

Christian Robinson watched the Dawgs get a victory on Saturday after a win on Friday night.

QG: Did you enjoy your visit yesterday?

Christian Robinson: Yeah I did. I got to take my teammate Colt Chapel, my parents, and some other family members to the game so it was a lot of fun.

QG: Did you make it in time to hang out with the other recruits?

CR: Yeah I got to hang out with Toby Jackson, Tavarres, Jeremy, and Blair a little bit. It was nice getting to speak with some of the other commits. It was a really good day.

QG: Did you have a relationship with some of these guys prior to committing?

CR: I had talked to Bryce Ros, and I also had talked to Tavarres the day he committed. I got his number and I talked to him about what made him decide to choose Georgia since I was going through the same thing at the time. He helped me in my mind to decide where I wanted to commit.

QG: Did you get a chance to talk to any of the coaches?

CR: Yes, I got to talk to all of the coaches. Coach Searles is my recruiter, but I got to hang out with Coach Searles and Coach Jancek for the most part.

QG: What did you think about the game?

CR: It was a great game. The atmosphere was great. The stadium was packed and it was tough getting the recruits in the stadium because it was so packed at the entrance. I'm glad I got to go and meet some future teammates, and I'm really looking forward to next week when South Carolina comes to town.

QG: Does that atmosphere make you look forward to being there next year?

CR: When we walked out and the band was out front I started getting goose bumps just thinking about next year. Knowing that this is where Iam going to be and the fact that I am going to be a part of it is just great.

QG: How did you guys do Friday night?

CR: We won 14-7. It seems closer than it really was because they ran back a kickoff and I defense really shut them down the rest of the game. Our defense played really well.

QG: How many tackles did you have?

CR: My dad is still grading the tape right now. I had ten tackles at halftime, and I know I had at least a couple more.

QG: Is that kind of weird with your dad grading the tape?

CR: Well a lot of peogrades tape so much harder than other people. If I'm not the first on there then he's not going to give me credit for the tackle.

QG: How do you see your team doing this year, do you think you can make a run during the season?

CR: I really think we can. My dad keeps preaching to our team that this could be our best year because we don't have any pressure on us to do much because we lost so many seniors last year who were key players. We just want to show people that we don't get worse we only get better. I think it's going to be a great year for us.

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