Ros takes in Georgia

Bryce Ros might have gotten to the party a little late, but he managed to get there just in time to see the Bulldogs get the job done on Saturday night.

QG: How was your visit yesterday?

Bryce Ros: It was great. I went to watch the game. I wasn't able to be there for the recruiting stuff, but I got there in time for the game and got to watch it. I did get a chance to talk with some of the guys I am committed with so it was a lot of fun.

QG: Which guys did you talk to while you were there?

BR: I spoke with Jeremy Longo, Christian Robinson, and Blair Walsh.QG: Did you have a relationship with any of these guys prior to committing to Georgia or are you just now forming those?

BR: Once they committed I began talking to them through Facebook and online, so I didn't really have any relationship with them before.

QG: What did you think about the game?

BR: It was a good game. I think OSU is a good team. I don't thinkGeorgia overlooked them, and I think they were a great team and Georgia had right game plan as the score showed.

QG: Do you plan on going to all of the Georgia home games this year?

BR: Yes sir, I've been to a lot of Georgia games throughout my life because of my dad. I've been to a lot of Auburn games too because my mom is a Auburn graduate.

QG: How did you guys do on Friday night?

BR: We won 35-12.

QG: How did you play?

BR: I had three sacks, and a safety.

QG: What are your goals as a team this year?

BR: I think we are pretty good. We have a young tailback who really lit it up. He had 140 yards. We've got a great backfield, and a great defense.

QG: Do you think you guys could make a run in the playoffs?

BR: I definitely think we could make a run in the playoffs. I told theAJC that anything less than a region championship would be a disappointment.

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