Senior Memories: Dre Moore

In our continuing series focusing on Maryland's senior class, TSR sits down with soft-spoken defensive tackle Dre Moore. He shares with us, among other things, a teammate he would not want to room with and the funniest moment on the practice field.

Best memory:

Probably my first college sack. It was my red-shirt freshman against Clemson at Death Valley. It was like a third and long and… we stopped them. It was my first tackle ever—a sack at Clemson.

Forgettable moment:

Probably just being hurt. My first couple of years here I got off to a slow start because I had two concussions. My freshman year in camp and then I got another one in spring ball that kind of delayed my possibility of playing time.

Most memorable game:

Beating Florida State the first time.

Most memorable play:

Watching Josh Allen break that long run when we beat [Florida State] the first time.

Helpful teammates:

Probably Randy Starks. He was a junior my true freshman year. He kind of took me under his wing and taught me some thing, showed me the ropes of how to play the d-line.

Funniest player/moment:

The funniest player is probably Alex Schultz or Drew Robinson or Aaron Ball—all funny guys.

I think the funniest [moment] would be when Brian Whitmore got in a three-point stance at linebacker. He played linebacker from a three-point stance. It was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Besides actual roommate, the teammate you'd most like to/least like to live with:

I would least like to room with Travis Ivey. He snores like a wounded grizzly bear.

I'd most like to room with any of the defensive guys. We all kind of get along and have the same sense of humor.

Lasting memory of coach Friedgen:

"Start the period over."

Most excited moment

When we played Virginia here for homecoming two years ago. We switched jerseys. We came out in red and went back in and came out in black.

Most nervous moment:

Probably that same year—my red-shirt freshman year—at Clemson. Knowing I was going to play when we were coming back from behind in front of 80,000 people. That was probably my most nervous moment.

Best player played against at Maryland/on opposing team:

Probably [Andrew] Crummey.

Opposing team… There's a couple—a couple good backs that we've played against. [Steve] Slaton, fast as all outside. Kenny Moore from Wake Forest.

Best team played against:

Probably a tie between Virginia Tech [in 2004] and West Virginia [in 2006].

Best home and away atmosphere:

Playing away at West Virginia. Hornet's nest is always crazy. Playing away at V-Tech that one time was crazy.

Best atmosphere here… probably the blackout game[s: Virginia Tech and Florida State.]

Plans after college other than football:

I haven't even thought that far. I'm a double major in family studies and elementary education… [Might be interested in] teaching somewhere or being on the school board somewhere probably if football doesn't happen.

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