Sanders eager for visit to Athens

Zebrie Sanders has Georgia on his mind this weekend as he will be in attendance for the South Carolina game.

QG: Are you going to Georgia this weekend?

Zebrie Sanders: Yes I am for my first official visit.

QG: I had read that you dropped Clemson from your list, is that true?

ZS: Yeah, I dropped Clemson. There weren't any negatives but they wanted to move my official visit to a later date to get all of my stuff in. I wasn't sure about the other official that I wanted so that sort of helped me cut schools in order to pick other schools to take my officials. Now I'm looking at LSU, South Carolina, and maybe Stanford for officials.

QG: What officials do you have scheduled already?

ZS: I have Georgia this weekend, and on September 15 I have Florida. I have UCLA late in the season for possibly the Notre Dame game.

QG: That leaves you two officials left to take, do you have any idea where those two will be?

ZS: I'm pretty sure that LSU is going to be my fourth. For my fifth I'm definitely thinking about going back to my home town of Columbia, SC and take my last official there.

QG: Do you have a leader right now?

ZS: Right now my top three are Florida, Georgia, and UCLA. After that there is Clemson and Michigan, but they aren't in my top three.

QG: How did your team perform last week?

ZS: We played on Sunday in the National Kirk Herstreit Challenge. We lost 24-6 but I thought the offensive line played well.

QG: Are you looking forward to that visit to Georgia this weekend?

ZS: Yes I am. I'm going with my mom who is a Georgia alumni. As soon she found out I wanted to go she booked the plane tickets. I didn't decide I was going until this weekend and later on that night she had arranged for tickets so she is really looking forward to going.

QG: Did you watch the Oklahoma State game on Saturday?

ZS: Yes I did. As a matter of fact Coach Richt called me before they played on Saturday talking about how much they wanted me there and that was the main turning point for me taking my official there this weekend.

He's the one who talked to me about it and he said it would be a greattime to come and I agreed. So the next thing you know I'm packing my bags for Saturday.

QG: Was that a big honor to have a coach call you before such a huge game?

ZS: I was amazed and thought that was really cool. In the midst of playing such a big game against a good football team that a coach wouldeven consider calling a prospect. It definitely gave them brownie points. Not that they needed any, but I'm really liking Georgia now.

QG: And that call was what convinced you to make your visit this weekend?

ZS: Yes, it definitely was the deciding factor.

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