Appalachian State game noticed at Georgia

ATHENS - Appalachian State's victory over former No. 5 – ranked Michigan reverberated throughout the college football world this week – including in Athens.

"It was crazy. (Appalachian State is) a better team than a lot of people give them credit for," Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford said. "But it was definitely a shock, I think to everybody."

Georgia head coach Mark Richt said he caught the highlights of the game as it occurred in his office Saturday prior to his team's confrontation with Oklahoma State later that night.

"The funny thing about it was that I realized they had lost before I saw how they lost. And I didn't even realize that they had come back and taken the lead," Richt said. "(It looked) like (Michigan was) going to be able to kick it to win it and have everybody mad for about a week instead of a year and then the thing gets blocked. It was just an unbelievable game."

While sympathizing with the problems created at Michigan because of the loss, Richt said that the lessons of the game will be useful when the Bulldogs are set to face supposedly inferior opponents and that he and his staff will remind their players of the game – at least as long as they can.

"I know we'll point to it. Everybody around the country's going to point to it," Richt said. "Those things usually last about a year or two. If you're lucky it'll last two years. But it'll probably be good for the rest of this year and after that everybody forgets."

Stafford agreed that the game is a reminder that any team is always vulnerable, but feels good about the way the Dogs prepare for Saturdays.

"It's definitely something to look back on and see that this could happen," he said.

The Bulldogs frequently play opponents from the former Division 1-AA because of the necessity to have home games with teams that will not require a return trip. The Mountaineers, for instance, not only earned widespread publicity and acclaim for their victory but also a $400,000 payout.

When asked about Georgia facing Appalachian State in 2009, Richt cautioned, "if we don't cancel it."

"Maybe at least they'll be Division 1 by then," he said.

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